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Written by Loni and Nathan   

Hey it's Nathan and Loni,

Yesterday we were student leaders (18-03-2011) for the second time around and it was a big challenge but we overcame are hurdle which was being student leaders.
The morning meeting link up went very smoothly and Gnurad Gundidj was a great host for the morning meeting.

Our personal goals were:
Nathan's was to go around 5 mins before every class and also to run evening class which i successfully did which made me more confident in myself.
Loni's was to have everyone's hands and listening before we started talking, to help teach others in our GPS Nav class and to also run evening class. I successfully completed these goals with the help of Nathan and everyone is the community.
Our community goal was to have a table tennis tournament for student only (That didn't go well with Mr Reeves) which was a great way to involve the community and the winner was Jack Schallmeiner.

We ran evening class with no help what so ever from Mr Gladstone but he did give us the idea and lesson plan for evening class which was to build Paper Towers. We started off with Nathan playing the game Bang which went well then Loni made everyone get into birthdates order with NO Talking which the teachers loved. Then we ran the paper towers class which was great everyone having a go and sharing ideas which was great to see. Then we went through the review and we spoke about what you did well? and what you could have worked on better?

At the end of the day we worked as hard as we could and we really want to say we are having so much fun here. We learnt a lot and gained a lot.