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Written by cameron and zoe   

On the 15th of March Cameron and I (Zoe) were student leaders.
We started our with the morning meeting where we spoke to the other 2 campuses.  Camerons goal was to get everyone to headcount on time, Zoe's goal was to be assertive and run evening class, and our community goal was to play a MASSIVE game of hide and seek tiggy ( which was SOO much fun!!).

Unfortunately Cameron didnt complete his goal as the community was still pretty tired after parent visiting weekend and couldnt really be bothered getting up and doing things.
 Zoe's was successful at her goals as she took the evening class on "metaphor's" which was really interesting.

Our community goal was a hit.  Everyone enjoyed running around the entire campsite trying to tag each other.

Our highlight for the past 24 hours was the Orbost show. It was so cool being able to walk around and watch the different events take place.

We both enjoyed our 2nd time round being student leaders together, as it was a great way to put our newly learnt leadership skills into action.

It would be great experienxe if we could be student leaders again so we get used to talking in front of groups of people.