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Written by Arunn and Melissa   

We were the students leaders on the 8th of March and it was a great experience. We really enjoyed it.
It was challenging becuase we have to lead all the other student into what they were doing for the day and give them a head's up about what was happening that particular day.

Both Melissa and I set goals for ourselves and the community and they were as follows:

Arunn: To talk more confidently and clearly.
Melissa : To talk more confidently and develop a few public speaking skills by standing at different parts of the room and make it entertaining.  
Community goal: To run a successfull game of dodge ball at 4:15 pm and dress up for the International Women's Day.

My goal ( Arunn) went very well as I thought I spoke out a bit more than I usually do and that gave me a lot of confidence.
My goal ( Melissa) went okay. I spoke more confidently infront of everyone but I forgot to stand in different places of the room and dress up to make it more interesting.  By the time I remembered it was evening class and was too late to do it. That was a bit disappointing because I was looking forward to doing it but I thought we could do something like that next time.
We had two community goals and both of them went pretty well especially our dress up. We ran a good game of dodge ball and everyone contributed.

Something that we would like to say to our future studentleaders is that:

Speak confidently and make sure you're heard. Also, try and make sure you entertain the community a little bit. Make sure you have fun.

Overall, it was a great experience in which we learnt a lot.