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Written by Jayme and Hannah   

Today, we were student leaders. As it was our second time around, we were pretty confident about speaking in front of the community. Part of being student leader meant we had to set some personal goals for the day. 

Hannah - My goal was to speak loudly and clearly and to have a sucessful ILP Reveiw. Jayme - My goal was to encourage people throughout the day and work as efficiently as possible in all my classes. Both of us were sucessful with our goals.

Our community goal was to have a blinfolded community walk. We chose this for our goal to rise the level of trust within the community. The goal was sucessful and everyone seemed to really enjoy participating. One of the classes we had during the day was the indigenous walk, which we both really enjoyed. We went down to Cape Conran and met up with some local indigenous people who talked to us about their culture. We learnt how to make baskets out of plants, and learnt about some different artefacts from the area. We then went for a walk along the beach and learnt some more about how live they used to live off the land. Overll we really enjoyed the expeirience. We were asked by one of the teachers here at SRC to run the daily evening class, which was a great oppertunity for both of us. The class was an Indigenous Brainstorm, where we got groups to write down what they knew about various topics to do with indigenous Australians. THe class went really well and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.