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Written by Jayden and Shae   

Yesterday the 6th of March we were student leaders.It was relaxed and everything went well. Our classes were fun and enjoyable for everyone. We had a formal dinner which was our community goal and everyone had a great time. For evening class we ran a catch up class so everyone could do some last minute things on there ILP and LLP and we played a game for the last twenty minutes.

Our personal goals were:
Jayden: To speak confidently and clearly in front of everyone. I think i achieved my goal and got good feedback from the boys wing.
Shae:To get everyone to class and head count on time. I achieved this goal most of the day by going around five minutes before and collecting everyone. The only time I didn't was for the formal dinner, we needed to start organising that earlier.

Community goal: Our community goal was to have a formal dinner where everyone had to dress up. before the dinner we drew all the names out of hats so people could interact with different people.
The community goal went great, everyone contributed by dressing up and sitting where they were asked to. Some of the boys were even polite enough to pull out the girls chairs for them and get their dinner for them which was very nice.

Shae Woosnam and Jayden Snoodyk :)