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Written by Jayme and Catherine   

We were student leaders yesterday, 26th February, which was the community's first rest day. The day went smoothly with everyone relaxing and enjoying themselves and we managed to run a successful mini olympics activity which got everyoneoutside and having fun.

Both of us enjoyed being student leader and it was interesting to be in the teachers position for once and to see how hard it can be to get everyone to listen. After having a taste of our first rest day I think everyone is looking forward to the next.

Our personal goals were:
Catherine - To be organised and be a good student leader which was achieved because I was always ready for class and being student leader seemed to go well.
Jayme - To be organised and to do eveything on my 'to do list' which sadly was not achieved beacause I was at the beach all day but I worked hard at it and got most of the things done. All I missed out on doing was cleaning my room.

Seeing everything from the teachers' perspective made us realise what staff at S.R.C. go through to give us this amazing opportunity away from home. For the day we were kind of like them, but we have not nearly completed and acchieved as much these people have just to be able to teach us.

By Jayme Huysamen and Catherine Pattison