Term 1 2011



Jess P and Jack Print E-mail
Written by Jess P and Jack   

Yesterday, the 30th of March, Parsons and I (Jack Schallmeiner) were student leaders for the day.
Parsons' personal goal was to stay a positive leader all day and be happy, seeing as it was her last time as student leader.
My goal was to be calm yet confident while speaking in front of others and not have to raise my voice to be heard.

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Written by Josaphine and Daniel   

Hi this is Josaphine and Daniel and on the 26th we were student leaders for the seconed time. the HDTV in the morning was fun, where we talked with the other schools. (josaphine) My goal was to take charge and to make sure everything ran smoothly, as it was a step up rest day
and i belive i went really well because in the games we played i seemed to take charge. (Daniel) my goal was to finish some of my passport and I did some of it but did not get to finish it.
our community goal was to play a 4 way game of tug-o-war, and in the end 1A won. It was a really good day and we had a lot of fun being student leaders again.




Tim and Summerlee Print E-mail
Written by Tim and Summerlee   

Student Leaders Tim Shaw & Summerlee Smith

Yesterday went really well with our community goal being to make Garry Squiers feel welcomed and to have the room prepared for him.
Tims personal goal was to finish the written side of things for his passport. with that goal completed he had plenty of time to work on his
POL today.
Summerlees personal goal was to finish all the questions on her POL and she did complete that goal, therfore having more free time to
relax on our rest day the following day.

The day went really smoothly we got everybody to class on time and used our class time very efficiently. With both of us being in 1b we both
had passports in the morning which was consrtructive as well as we had sustainable living in the afternoon which was very open minded and
interesting some good questions and conversations were started about our environnment and the theory behind 2012.





Brodie and Meg Print E-mail
Written by Brodie and Meg   

Brodie and I (Meg) were student leaders yesterday and both of our personal goals were to finish the majority of our POL's (Presentations of Learning).  Sadly i did not achive that goal but brodie is happy to say that he did.
Our AWESOME community goal was to get everyone to dress up for dinner as either a movie character or anything, as long as you weren't in casual clothes.

Brodies highlight of the last couple of days was playing soccer after our Waterwatch activities.
My highlight was dressing up yesterday.  Everyone looked amazing, apart for the one or two people who didn't participate.

Brodie and i ran a night class for core 1 while 2b were doing passports. The class was based on Metaphores and similies.  At the end a few people shared their metaphors with us and i cannot believe how good they were. We also played a game of silent ball before the groups split up.  I think everyone enjoyed our class, because we know we did!

Thank you =)




Xan and Bek Print E-mail
Written by Xan and Bec   

Yesterday we were student leaders. It was step up day, which meant that we had to take on more leadership  roles as the teachers weren't allowed to do anything for us. There were no duties organised, so, prior to step up day we had organise a table of who was doing which duties.

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Gavin and Jess - Our Day in Audio Print E-mail
Written by Gavin and Jess, Snowy River Students, Term 1, 2011   

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Abbey and Nathan Print E-mail
Written by Abbey and Nathan   

Today the 19th of March we were student leaders, it was also our third rest day, which was different for the both of us because we have never been student leader on a rest day.  Even thought there were no classes the day was still enjoyable, in the morning there was a soccer tournament, it was a very exciting game but unfortunately it was a draw. In the afternoon half of the students went to the beach whilst the other half relaxed, ate popcorn and watched a movie. The both of us really enjoyed listening to everyone playing their instruments.

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Loni and Nathan Print E-mail
Written by Loni and Nathan   

Hey it's Nathan and Loni,

Yesterday we were student leaders (18-03-2011) for the second time around and it was a big challenge but we overcame are hurdle which was being student leaders.
The morning meeting link up went very smoothly and Gnurad Gundidj was a great host for the morning meeting.

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cameron and zoe Print E-mail
Written by cameron and zoe   

On the 15th of March Cameron and I (Zoe) were student leaders.
We started our with the morning meeting where we spoke to the other 2 campuses.  Camerons goal was to get everyone to headcount on time, Zoe's goal was to be assertive and run evening class, and our community goal was to play a MASSIVE game of hide and seek tiggy ( which was SOO much fun!!).

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Jayme and Hannah Print E-mail
Written by Jayme and Hannah   

Today, we were student leaders. As it was our second time around, we were pretty confident about speaking in front of the community. Part of being student leader meant we had to set some personal goals for the day. 

Hannah - My goal was to speak loudly and clearly and to have a sucessful ILP Reveiw. Jayme - My goal was to encourage people throughout the day and work as efficiently as possible in all my classes. Both of us were sucessful with our goals.

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Liam and Stephanie Print E-mail
Written by Liam and Stephanie   

On friday Liam and Stephanie were student leaders. Liams goal was to have a successful head count and get everyone prepared and at class five minutes before. Stephanies goal was to make sure everyone was in their rooms by 9.15pm.
Both of our personal goals were successful. Our community goal was to run a masive game of capture the flag, everyone worked really well with one another and I think we achieved our community goal really well. In the morning we used the HDTV to talk to the other Alpine Schools. We felt a lot more comfortable then last time but still a little awkward. Our classes for the day were passports, half day bike ride and the aboriginal walk, which were interesting and had a lot of hands on activities which we enjoyed. We really enjoyed being student leaders cant wait to do it again.





Arunn and Melissa Print E-mail
Written by Arunn and Melissa   

We were the students leaders on the 8th of March and it was a great experience. We really enjoyed it.
It was challenging becuase we have to lead all the other student into what they were doing for the day and give them a head's up about what was happening that particular day.

Both Melissa and I set goals for ourselves and the community and they were as follows:

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Abbey and Brodie Print E-mail
Written by Abbey and Brodie   

We were student leaders for the first time yesterday, Monday the 7th of March. It was a very enjoyable day. Half of the snowy students went caving and the other half stayed at here at SRC. For the both of us we found it different to be the people standing out the front talking to the students and staff, we enjoyed helping students remember where to be and at what time.

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Jayden and Shae Print E-mail
Written by Jayden and Shae   

Yesterday the 6th of March we were student leaders.It was relaxed and everything went well. Our classes were fun and enjoyable for everyone. We had a formal dinner which was our community goal and everyone had a great time. For evening class we ran a catch up class so everyone could do some last minute things on there ILP and LLP and we played a game for the last twenty minutes.

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Georgia and Jake Print E-mail
Written by Georgia and Jake   

Yesterday we were student leaders. During the day we had to attend a meeting where we spoke to the other student leaders from the Alpine School and Gnurad Gundidj. Georgia was a bit nervous, and Jake was pretty calm and relaxed.

During the day Georgia enjoyed Surfing, even though she was a bit nervous at the begining. Jake enjoyed photography. In photography we went out with Mr David Tatnall who is a professional photographer. He taught us about the different settings on a camera and it was great fun.




Joanna and Jack Print E-mail
Written by Joanna and Jack   

We were student leaders yesterday, 3rd March, which was the SRC's second rest day. There were some great activitites organised during the day, followed by a fun Bushdance in the evening.
It was a great opportunity for both of us to show initiative in our community and to take charge for once. 
Our community goal, which was to get everyone dressed up appropriately for the Bushdance, went really well. Everyone enjoyed dressing up in cowboy/cowgirl outfits and everyone had a great time dancing.
We also managed to achieve our personal goals:
Jack- My personal goal was to learn one new thing about each person and write it down. I successfully completed this before lunch was over. I learnt some very interesting facts about everyone.
Joanna- My goal was to get to know 5 people better.I successfully completed this goal by the end of the day. 
It was a great experience to be student leaders, it gave us a different perspective of life at the Snowy River Campus. We are both looking forward to the rest of our time here.
-Joanna Zervakis and Jack Schallmeiner.




Nathan and Jessie - Our Day in Audio Print E-mail
Written by Nathan and Jessie, Snowy River Students, Term 1, 2011   

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Jayme and Catherine Print E-mail
Written by Jayme and Catherine   

We were student leaders yesterday, 26th February, which was the community's first rest day. The day went smoothly with everyone relaxing and enjoying themselves and we managed to run a successful mini olympics activity which got everyoneoutside and having fun.

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Loni and Daniel Print E-mail
Written by Loni and Daniel   

On the 23rd we were student leaders. Talking to the other school's on the HD T.V was different but fun. At the start it was a little strange but we soon got the hang of things. Our community goal was to have a big game of "the human knot" and we got everyone involved.
Daniel's personal goal was to get everyone to class on time and it was pretty succsessful. Loni's personal goal was to ace her CPR exam and she did great with that. 
In the end it was a good day, most people listend and work well together.
We really enjoyed being student leaders and are looking forward to doing it again in the future, we are sure we will be more confident in front of the school by that time :)
By Loni and Daniel.





Stacey and Cameron Print E-mail
Written by Stacey and Cameron   

In recent days both Stacey and Cameron had canoeing.

"It was an awesome experience and we both enjoyed doing it with our expo groups. 
Cameron: My favourite part of the day was getting to swim after everyone had finished their lunch and having lunch right at the beach.
Stacey: I enjoyed paddling down the river, and watching everyone bump into things, it was just fun to get used to the canoes and work out how to turn around in circles doing ‘donuts’.

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Bailey and Meg Print E-mail
Written by Bailey and Meg, Snowy Students, Term 1, 2011   

Yesterday on the 21 of February, Meg and I were the student leaders. We both found it fun that we could put up our hand to make everyone stop talking and hosting the meeting on the HDTV was AWESOME. Our community goal was to say our head count backwards because people didn’t concentrate when we did it the normal way; we both think that it was achieved.

My personal goal was to keep everyone busy in my CLP class and I did achieve that goal and enjoyed doing so. Meg’s personal goal was to talk to 5 people she didn’t think she had spoke to yet and she most certainly archived her goal, by speaking and bonding with heaps more than 5 people. 

My highlight since I have been here would need to be the bridge building as it was fun exciting and needed a lot of co-operation from our group. As Meg is on expo I am doing this for her but I do recall in our meeting yesterday that her highlight was that morning and it was doing yoga with Miss Beck. So in summation we both had a really great and challenging time as student leaders.

By Bailey and Meg




Vera and Nathan Print E-mail
Written by Vera and Nathan, Snowy Students, Term 1, 2011   

On the 20th we were the student leaders. It was frustrating when everyone was talking while we were. Talking to the other schools through the HD T.V link was weird, with six people watching. Our community goal was to play a game. We didn’t do that because it was too cold and might have rained.

Nathan’s personal goal was to be more organised and to clean up the boy’s area. Which was achieved, he was on time to class and the boys cleaned up their clothes outside. Vera’s goal was to be a good leader. Vera wasn’t here for this so I do not know if she achieved it or not. Nathan went on a bike ride with 2A, the track was over grown but that was what made it fun.

We had a great time as student leaders it was fun and challenging at times, everyone was nice.

by Vera and Nathan




Steph and Gavin Print E-mail
Written by Steph and Gavin, Snowy Students, Term1, 2011   

On the 19th we were student leaders it was very nerve racking, but very exhilarating at the same time. As the day went on it became easier to adjust to the role. Our community goal was Respect and being on time for head count. This particular goal was moderately achieved due to the fact of people talking!

Gavin’s personal was to sit next to people that he hasn’t sat next to before, which he achieved in the end. Stephanie’s personal goal was to be more comfortable when public speaking and getting to know people that I didn’t know so well.

Everyone seemed to get along with everyone nicely, and was very encouraging. Being student leaders was very FUN and we enjoyed it.

by Stephanie and Gavin




Josephine and Xan Print E-mail
Written by Josephine and Xan   

Our Student Leader Experience!

Josephine and Xan
Yesterday we were student leaders. At the start we were very nervous to get up in front of everyone. But as we got into it, it became very easy. It was interesting to see things from a teacher’s point of view and we now know how frustrating it is when no-one stops talking! Our community goal was to organise a big game of Bang to help everyone learn each other’s names. Everyone got into it and it was a lot of fun. Now everyone knows almost all the other people names! 
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Hannah and Felix Print E-mail
Written by Hannah and Felix, Snowy Students, Term 1, 2011   

Our Student Leader Experience

Yesterday Felix and I were student leaders for the first time. It was very different to be in the teacher’s position for once and it helped us to understand how difficult it actually is! Our goal for the day was to have a quick and efficient headcount. To help achieve this we used a stopwatch to time the headcounts and tried to better ourselves each time. The only problem was – we forgot that a team was a Bridge Building for the day. So we were only able to time it twice because without the twelve people the headcount wouldn’t have been accurate. But the GOOD news is – we beat our original time by 4 seconds!  

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