Term 1 2010
Mel's Caving Experience Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 March 2010 15:16

Today 2A and 2B went caving at Buchan caves, 2B went to the Royal cave first and 2A went to Wilson’s cave. I am from 2B so we went to the Royal cave. It had lights and was very protected so that no one could take things for there. It was still really beautiful, having being there for a long time. It was very interesting to learn about the caves and how long it had been there. Also we learnt who and when they found it. We also learnt about how the person knew it was a cave. The reason he knew was that he felt heat coming out of the hole and everyone knows that heat rises. The tour guides name was Dave, he was very nice. You weren’t allowed to take food, drink or anything that was going to attract unwanted visitors. There was this very pretty stuff that hung from the roof and were over 100’s of years old. This reached the ground. Sometimes the walk ways got small but not too small. We had to duck sometimes because the rocks came down to low! After we came out of there we started up the BBQ and had burgers with onion and sauce. They were so good, while we were eating them we saw Kookaburra’s. Then we saw heaps of Kangaroos, some of them had joeys with them which was cute. After we had lunch we went up to Wilson's cave. When we got to where we were meeting we got in to our orange overalls. Our tour guide arrived and gave us helmets with lights and told us what we were doing. His name was Phil and he had another worker with him called Rachel. As we walked into the paddock we were looking to see if we could see the entrance. When we got there and said we are going down so we did and I was a bit nervous. When everyone got down there we kept moving. During the day we moved through the cave through challenging bits and easy bits. It was all a fantastic experience. I would certainly do it again.
By Melanie- Rosebud 2B

Lucy's Caving Experience Print E-mail
Friday, 19 March 2010 15:16

Today 2a and 2b went to Buchan caves for their caving excursion. 2a got to go to the Wilsons Cave first, while 2b went to the show cave called Royal Cave.

When 2a got to the Wilsons cave we met Phil and Rachel that told us about the cave and they were going to take us through the cave. We got our big CFA overalls on and collected our helmets with lights on them. We walked over to the entrance of the cave and we found quite a small hole and one of us said “lucky we aren’t going in there!” but Phil replied with, “this is the entrance to the Wilsons Cave.”

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Epic Expo Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 March 2010 15:16

On Thursday 11th March 2B left to go to on a three day canoe/hike to Mt Raymond. We started at about 10:30 with our heavy packs on our backs and set out for the beach. Once we were on the beach we hiked for 3km, where we met up with 2A who had almost finished their expedition. There we swapped into canoe’s, had lunch and started our canoeing journey. We all hopped into our canoe and paddled to the Marlo Angling club where we picked up our water for the night, paddled across the river to our camping spot and settled down to a wonderful sunset.


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Tom's Update on Snowy Life Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 March 2010 15:16

Today we didn’t have the most interesting of days as we did our passport and CLP, so nothing outdoor or exciting. One of the groups though went on their second expo, a three day camp sort of thing because they get dropped off somewhere and then they hike over Mount Raymond and then they get into a river which they canoe in and then when they have canoed they go hiking up to a paddock and camp there. The next day they hike back to the canoes and canoe further down the river into the snowy and then they walk up to a place and go camping there. After they have camped there for the night they go back to the canoes and then they canoe all the way down to frenches narrows, a place where we swim, and then they dump the canoes there for the next group (Us) and then they walk along the beach all the way back to campus. So when we go we will go the opposite way and we will be able to get in the canoes at frenches narrows and then we do the same thing that they did except in reverse to what they did, we leave on Thursday.  

Also one of the group’s today did surfing, my roommate was in that group and he said that the waves were so big that he struggled to get out to the right place to catch them.

Everything has been cool here at snowy; everyone is getting along and starting to become really, really good friends. We all socialise after Dearr by playing different sports and so that is really cool. We are now on the last few weeks of the program and I can’t believe how fast it has gone.

Tom-Swifts Creek

Leo's Birthday Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 15:16

Today was another busy day at Snowy!

We said goodbye to our 1A buddies who have taken off on Expo, surfed, did Community Learning Project work and CPR scenarios. Everyone is really getting along fantastically and we are finally distributing the Milo evenly!! Our community walk was a little disjointed as everyone started at completely different times, but we all enjoyed ourselves. Parent visiting weekend may be over, but the cake eating has not! Yesterday we had passionfruit sponge cake for Leo’s birthday and in a few days time we will be having more for Shari’s birthday! CAKE!!!!! Everybody says hi to all you web-surfers out there and I hope you are enjoying our blogs!

By Leo - Swifts Creek #14 woooo!

Izzy's Clean-up Day Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 March 2010 15:16

Us with all of our rubbishHey hey!
So it’s the day after Parent Visiting Weekend, and everyone here at SRC had a fantastic weekend with our family and friends. For some of us, it was great going home and sleeping in our own beds for a night. And for others, it was awesome eating the foods we missed! For example, some of them were chocolate, lollies, ice-cream, chips, Maccas, KFC, Subway... Yep, heaps of junk food. But me, my dad cooked up a delicious Chinese feast where I got to eat lots of rice and have those yummy Chinese flavours in my mouth once again. Meeting others’ parents and families was also exciting, so was showing the family around SRC, which now feels like our 2nd home. But soon enough our weekend was over and we all had to return to SRC. That wasn’t much of a negative though; we’re all like family here and everyone’s having a great time. It’s hit us that we’re half way and we don’t have much longer to go, so we’re all making the most of our time.

Today 1A had Expo 2 prep; they’re off on another expo so soon! Hopefully they are all packed and good luck to them. As for the rest of us, 1B, 2A and 2B, we had Refocus/Passport. We discussed why we were here and got stuck into finishing our passports. We’ve only got 4 weeks to go so some of us really need to dig deep and work really hard to complete the criteria’s of our passports.
For afternoon class 1B had First Aid Scenarios and are currently sitting a test! Hopefully they’ll all pass! For 2A and 2B, we had Community Service. We went to Point Richardo and met Ranger Mike there. It used to be really, really dirty with rubbish flying everywhere but now it’s looking pretty smart. When we arrived we didn’t see any rubbish, but little did we know there was loads and loads of rubbish hiding behind trees and in all the bushes! Core 2 spent around 40 minutes in teams of 4-5 picking up rubbish and keeping the place clean. Some of us got surprised with some smelly rotted bait and human faeces!!! But we all got the job done and the place was looking spotless. We had time to spare so we all walked down the track, to the beach. There we had a game of Foxholes and had a play around.

Catch ya
Izzy from 2B-Bairnsdale SC 
Airielle's Half way Point Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 March 2010 15:16

RoomiesIt’s the halfway point all ready and so far everyone is having so much fun! Parent visiting weekend was so good. I think everyone enjoyed seeing their family and eating LOTS of junk food!
So far we have been surfing, canoeing, we have been on our first expo, we’ve been on an indigenous walk, we’ve been swimming in the Yeerung, we have been bike riding, have done two HDTV link up’s with the other two campuses, but most of all we have been having fun!
Another activity we have done is the Marlo challenge. We were very enthusiastic about the whole thing. There were some pretty crazy outfits and some pretty crazy group names but overall it was a lot of fun...First, second, third and fourth were really close. 4th: The Nerds 169; 3rd: Fluro Emo’s 170; Fluro Hippiez 171 and 1st place was the Funkidichopz on 172...

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Erin's Expo Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 March 2010 15:16

Today 1A got back from their second expo. It was a big journey.
We hiked to canoes on the first day then canoed to our camp site, I canoed with Tom. We camped with cows in a paddock. On the second day we canoed all day, I canoed with Mr. Quin (I got to sit back and relax most of it haha jokes). That was a hard journey that day because everyone was sore from paddling all day and a few of us were burnt. We played with the vortex a lot, whistled in the canoes; it was a lot of fun. When we finally got to the angling club it was a relief, but that was not the end of our second day. We canoed across from the angling club to the small island in the middle and that’s where we set up camp.

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2B’s Surfing Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 10:07

2BOn Sunday 2b which is the schools Rosebud and Bairnsdale, went down to Cape Conran for a surf.

But before we could surf we had to go through a demo on how to surf by two guys called Phil and Pete. After the demo we went out into the beach and into the waves. The first few steps into the waves the water was freezing but after a while you get used to it. At first Phil and Pete told us to catch a wave in but arch your back and ride it in a bit to get used to the board and find our balance. After ten minutes of doing that they called in to the beach and showed us ways to get to your feet easily. After a few attempts at it on sand we were ready to hit the water. The first wave rolled in and a few people rode it in. The next one came a few more people tried, a few more rode it in and gradually everyone was starting to find their feet, stand and ride in the waves.

After a couple of hours we were told we had to climb the hill, get changed into dry clothes and come back to school. When we got back to school we had to un-load the trailer, hang up the wet suits and helmets and sweep out the bus. Overall it was quite a fun trip to the beach.

Sam,  Bairnsdale SC




1A Expo Prep Print E-mail
Written by Staff   

BradenOn Monday the 15th of February 2010 1A is going on an overnight hike.
But before that we had to get prepared. We had to get into our cooking groups and get a trangia, get into our sleeping groups and get our tent and sleeping equipment and finally we had to get all hiking packs. After all that we had to go inside and get our clothes, toiletries, medication and other essentials which that morning had already been packed into big orange garbage bags. We had to then walk all that over to the big sheds and be taught how to pack a hiking bag. It’s a very complicated procedure. After about an hour or more we went inside for a well deserved lunch break. After our well deserved break we had to assign food for people to carry. Because I had the trangia I had to carry the tomatoes and capsicum, along with the milk powder and my breakfast.  I realised that the trangia (which is a small cooking object used by campers/hikers) which was to have the tomatoes in it was at the bottom of my pack, meaning I had to unpack it all. I wasn’t very happy. I was also given the role of Hygiene on the first day and that meant I also had  to carry a roll of toilet paper and a small shovel. I’m not going to say what the shovel is for because it’s quite obvious. Above all today was tiring.





Rest Day - Fishing and Tennis Print E-mail
Written by Shannon, Snowy Student Term 1 2010   

One of our wacky out rested days Today was really fun we all had a rest day.  11 of us went fishing in the morning and 11 went to the tennis courts in Marlo in the afternoon and at 4 pm we have a HD TV call from the Dinner Plain Campus which is from one of the other schools for leadership.




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