Term 1 2009



The farewell to SRC Print E-mail
Written by Tegan, Snowy Students Term 1 2009   

‘Some things come’
‘Once in a lifetime’
‘But coming here’
‘With all of you’
‘Was the best thing for me’

It’s so hard to say goodbye
To this place I used to call home
It’s so hard to say goodbye
To these friends I call my own.

‘I’m gonna miss’
‘All these people’
‘I’m gonna miss’
‘This place and the skills you gave me’
‘The way it changed me’


Song sang on the last evening of term 1 2009 by Tegan (St Albans Secondary) - dedicated to SRC teachers, school dogs and staff




Our Song Print E-mail
Written by Bec & Kim, Snowy Students Term 1 2009   

All the laughter and all the tears
Can we please stay here a couple more years
Through all the bad and all the good, we got through it like we knew we would
We’ve made so many good friends along the way
Now sadly we have to say goodbye today
We’ll make a promise to be friends forever and forever friends we’ll be
This journey and experience will always be our favourite memory

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An Experience Print E-mail
Written by Courtney, Snowy Student Term 1 2009   

If you could, would you?
Would you take that leap of faith?
We did take that jump.
We fell, we rose and we flew.
We learnt about the journey before the destination.
When you discover what we have, you will know why.

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At Last, a Chance to Relax Print E-mail
Written by Tegan, Snowy Student, Term 1 2009   

Today I did yoga, which can be incredibly relaxing!

As a group we walked over to the aerodrome. Lucky for us, it was very sunny, and a lovely walk!!

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When 2B went Enviro Bike Riding! Print E-mail
Written by Easter, Term 1 Snowy Student   

It was Friday the 13th of March; 2B (St. Albans and Terang College) set off to Cabbage Tree Palms to go bike riding. It was 20-22km, from school. We went with Mr. Boonstra, Mr. Conroy and Ms Stevens. We went over many hills; some were very scary for some of us and some were fun which many of us enjoyed. We thought the lesson was only going to be about riding a bike for a long time; but we also saw what an industrial tree coupe looks like when the government claims that they have burnt the forest for regrowth.

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Old fashioned photography at Cape Conran Print E-mail
Written by Emily G, Term 1 Snowy Student   
Hey, This is Emily G from expo group 1B and I'm going to tell you all about another exciting day at the Snowy River Campus. This morning we went out to Cape Conran with SLR cameras to do some photography. It was slightly strange getting used to using a good ol' fashioned film camera after using a digital camera for the past 4 weeks, but after a while we really got a feel for them and I reckon we all took some really good shots! The beach we went to was also really beautiful.
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1B Makes Record Time on First EXPO! Print E-mail
Written by Sarah A, Term 1 Snowy Student   

Hey guys, Sarah A here to report back on 1B's first expo, here it is:

On the 26th of February team 1B set off on their expo adventure.  With the teachers, Mr. Morton and Miss Moore leading the way, this was not hard to forget!!!  It all started at 9am; we packed our bags and headed onto the bus at around 9.30am.  Mr Morton drove the bus to our destination but from then on we had to walk to get to our campsite.

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Visit from a Guest Speaker Print E-mail
Written by Jordan Z, Term 1 Snowy Student   

Today was a good day; we had a guest speaker, Darren Mc Cubbin come and give us a talk about thinking and learning, it was great! He is a very loud guy and a very approachable one too. We also have a night class which is going to be about Theater Sports, it should be good. Also today I was working on my big project, it is called Passport and has 8 different sections.

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Brain Quadrants & Surfing - an exciting week! Print E-mail
Written by Cyndee B, Term 1 2009 Snowy Student   

Well I am now in my second week here at the Alpine School at the Snowy River Campus. It is the 12th of February today. In the morning until lunchtime I had the class Thinking and Learning where we are learning about all the different brain quadrants, which one we are and the team’s main brain quadrant. I really enjoy this class and I am learning many things. I never really knew there were different parts of the brain!

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