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David BallingerOvernight Supervisor

I am one of the Overnight Supervisors for the Snowy River Campus. I became interested in this school because of its leadership attributes. It's extremely important to educate and nurture our future leaders. I am excited at the prospect of working alongside these young adults to offer any support in any way I can.

I’ve lived in Marlo since 2010 to become owner operators of a local business. We have since sold this business to pursue other interests.

My interests are all things fishing and boating. While living in Marlo I have been involved with the Marlo Angling Club; the Australia Volunteer Coastguard VF21 Marlo Flotilla; and in Variety, the Children’s Charity, and the Variety Bash, where we have raised over $50,000 thus far. This charity primarily supports children in need, who fall outside of government assistance