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Steph and friends

Whoa! What a weekend this has been.  

Saturday the 7 November was they day many different emotions. Many of the SRC students were anxious, excited, worried, scared, happy and oh so much more as the time ticked away. The day started as usual with breakfast and the morning briefing at 9:00am. Then the parents started to arrive and the emotions came pouring out. As we said goodbye to our friends for the weekend, the number of students left was getting smaller and smaller 44, 43, 42… 10, 9 by this time it was 10:20am. Twenty minutes after the pick-up time, the final 8 were starting to get worried. At 10:25am another car showed up, it was my family. I was so happy! I couldn’t wait to spend time with my family, yet I felt bad for leaving my friends behind to play the waiting game.

As we drove out of the driveway mum asked me to tell my family everything that had been happening, so I did. As I talked, questions got asked, stories got told and there were smiles all round. We continued driving as I showed them some of the local sites. By the time we showed up at the place we were staying at in Lakes Entrance everyone had been filled in on all the news. Mum, my sisters and I all went down the street for a bit of shopping. This was a great thing to do for some of that family bonding time I’ve missed out on for five weeks. We brought dresses, shirts, pants and even a couple of accessories. Time surely did fly as we were having so much fun.

The lunch place decision was up to me. Many choices of KFC, Subway, McDonalds, fish and chips even a salad sandwich. The choices were endless, so I went with good old favorite McDonalds. While sitting in Macca’s with my family eating our lunch, every time I turn around I see someone I knew. Every shop I went into I saw someone I knew, walking down the street I saw someone every two minutes. Even back at the holiday place Jess, Jayden, Errin, Amali, Darcy and all their families were staying at the same place. We decided to have tea at the entertainment centre and then back to the villa for some desert, watch a movie and just get ready for Sunday.

Sunday morning came around quicker than what I liked it to. The car got packed and off we went. As we drove I continued telling my family about the many stories and memories I have of this area. I asked mum if I could show her where we go surfing and of course she said yes! As we arrived at Cape Conran I didn’t expect to see any teachers, but we saw Mr. Pfanner and Miss Stevens. We spent a couple hours just having a look around, walking along the beach, taking in the natural scenery, but now it was time for my family to head back home, which meant it was my time to come back to SRC.

We said our goodbyes, gave each other a million and one hugs. Emotions poured out once again. Now it was time to play the waiting game, waiting for the rest of the SRC students to arrive. It was now their time to say their goodbyes, give each other hugs and let their emotions pour out. This weekend was a great weekend and I think nearly all of us agree. I cannot wait to go home and see my family, but I don’t want to leave all my friends here.


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