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Yesterday (Sunday) was a good day, we started the day with a good start and the first headcount in my opinion was the best headcount ever!

The first class we had: Mr Mark Reeves came in to teach us about leadership. After that we did rotations all based around Leadership: First was Ms Beck teaching us about metaphors; After that STAFFY- we did this activity where you had to lift up a bottle with a hook and rope without going in the circle, it was pretty hard but fun; After that Mr Johnston taught us about the 3 different types of leadership: Democratic, Autocratic and Relaxed; lastly, Mr Den Otter taught us about Role Models.

Lucy and Shannon




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I think everyone here at SRC will agree that this Saturday was the best day ever!

Most of us started off the morning with a sleep in which was really nice. After first headcount, some of us watched a movie while others participated in a basketball tournament. We then had lunch; most of us were pretty excited about Dim Sims and chips! The basketball tournament continued into the afternoon, despite the rain that was on and off. A group of students went fishing down at the jetty in Marlo which was really fun. It was absolutely freezing there but we caught so many fish! We had DEARR down at grandma (our name for the fire circle) and after that all got ready for the Italian cuisine dinner party we had that night. The theme for the party was exactly the same (twins) or complete opposite. Everyone one got really into dressing up which was really good to see. We had a three course meal which was snazzy as. Our evening class was dance lessons with Ms Herbert. It was funny to see everyone attempting to ball room dance. The ballroom dancing turned into a bit of a disco, we were all caught in a rave. Everyone had a really fun night and it was rad to see everyone getting involved.

Millie and Jared.




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Relaxation Class

Yesterday Tom and I had the role of being student leaders. The morning started off quieter than usual because 1B were still on Expo.

The class 1A had CLP and Relaxation. The relaxation class seemed to be most of the students’ most enjoyable class so far and was a great way for 1A to relax as for they came back from Expo the day earlier.

Core 2 had Thinking and Learning and LLP. LLP was successful and most student groups got their plan finished. Core 2 are running a Teamwork class and an Environment class. 1B came back from Expo in the afternoon very tired but still with positive attitudes.

It was a very interesting day and Tom and I had a good experience as Student Leaders. We both look forward to the next time we are Student Leaders because we know what we’re doing now and we hope to be better and more confident.

Tom and Taylah




More Respect Today Print E-mail

Yesterday Danigan and I were the student leaders for the day. The best part was probably the fact that we felt a bit more important, like we had more respect than any other day.

Yesterday core 1 (group 1a and b) had thinking and learning class and presentation skills. Here they learned about how different people use and prefer different parts of the brain and how that impacts on their behaviour. In presentation skills we were taught the basics of how to speak in front of an audience and even had a guest speaker who turned out to be a classic example of what not to be. 2A was doing work on their passports criteria 2 writing about the thinking and learning skills that they learnt last week then in the afternoon they did sustainability out in the garden. 2B worked on their ILP and CLPs making learning goals and working on their community learning projects.

Maddi and Danigan




Day nine and we are doing fine. This rhyme is sublime. Print E-mail

Food Handling Course

It's day 9 here at Snowy River Campus and we are all really enjoying our time here. We have settled in here at Snowy very well. We have been learning a lot in our classes and we are already gaining great skills.

We started the day off by learning about food and completing Food Handling Course Cert 1. It was not one of the best classes we have received at the SnowyRriver Campus but it was very informative and satisfying. The course took 2 hours and we were relieved when we were able to stretch our legs. We had a wacky hand washing test with magic dirt and a U.V. light.

In the afternoon we had orienteering which was a blast. The cow tracks were filled with water and at the end of the race our shoes were caked in mud. We averaged 25 minutes per activity, the best was under 10 minutes.

We had a guest speaker come in who was a triathlete his name was Dave Whyte. Dave had a very inspirational, interesting story! At the age of 14 he had the dream of becoming a triathlete and at the age of 47 he finally achieved his goal, competing in two Ironmans.

Demmi & Tim

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