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Yesterday was a very exciting and relaxing day; it was mine (Nicholas’) birthday. The cake was absolutely amazing; it was a Chocolate Ripple cake. Yesterday Cassie and I also had relaxation, which has got to be one of the best classes while up here. We got to learn how some yoga poses and even did an activity where we lay down and essentially shut down the physical side of the body but the mental side stays awake. It was a really eye opening experience for both of us.

Celebrations with a Delicious Birthday Cake

In the night class we had passports which was quite a slow going but productive class we both got quite a bit done of our passports. With this being our second time being students leaders we found it quite a lot less stressful than last time, it was a lot more comfortable speaking in front of the school and doing the HDTV meeting was a lot more enjoyable.

By Nicholas B - Upper Yarra & Cassie – Shepparton HS




Our Third Rest Day Print E-mail

Today was our 3rd rest day. Everyone was pretty chilled out for most of the morning, except for the people that went snorkelling. They left at 9:30 and went down to the Cape Conran Boat Ramp. They had a lot of fun and saw heaps of marine life. Student’s who didn’t sign up to go, stayed at SRC and watched the movie Sky High. After that, they went down to the beach and surfed for most of the afternoon. They had a lot of fun.

During evening class, everyone dressed up as cowgirls and cowboys for the bush dance. Everyone joined in to dance to the Macarena, Nutbush, Heel and Toe and the night was filled with fun and excitement. Everyone enjoyed themselves and got along well. Mr Den Otter was a great overnight supervisor.

- Mel from Bright P-12 College and Adrian from Hume Central SC




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Everything Exciting

Yesterday Jamie and I we student leaders for the day. We are having such an awesome time here at SSL, and everyone is getting on really well. My student leader goal for the day was to speak loudly and clearly in front of everyone, and I think I did succeed in doing that.

Every day here is super exciting and fun if you're surfing and bike riding or even if you're doing inside classes. Yesterday's classes were Thinking and learning and Intro to LLP. Thinking and learning was a really interesting class because we have to figure out what quadrant of the brain you use and then we had to figure out what side our whole CLP team was together.

In the afternoon I had LLP. LLP is the Local Learning Program it is where around 200 primary students come to Snowy and the Snowy students have to run some activities for them about environment, teamwork, indigenous culture and leadership. My group which has about 4 of us in it are doing environment, we are turning a room into an ocean room full of facts about marine animals. Which we are all really excited about.

Over all being student leader was a really fun experience for Jamie and I and we both can't wait to do it again.

By Brynn from Bright P-12




Barrels of Fun Print E-mail

Barrels of fun exploded on Friday morning, 1a and 1b had thinking and learning. We learnt about how a range of different people can all apply their individual thinking methods to accomplish what they set out to achieve.

In the afternoon, we had LLP and prepared what we were going to teach the primary school students on LLP day in the coming weeks. 2a and 2b had surfing which was totally gnarly. They all caught some waves into the shore and had a great time.

In the evening class we watched a movie called Off the Rails which was about a man called Tim Cope who undertook a huge bike ride across Russia, Mongolia and China. The struggles that they went through on their adventure were absolutely inspiring for all. After watching the movie we all felt like we could do anything.

Overall, an excellent day!

By Nick and Zara




Italian Dinner and Dancing Print E-mail

Italian Night A few nights ago we had the Italian dinner, dress up and dance night which was great fun. The cooking committee organised the food which was yum. After a dinner which consisted of a three course meal and a surprise proposal. The theme of the evening was to pair up and either dress up exactly the same or completely opposite. Everyone looked great and enjoyed themselves and then after a nice dinner Ms Herbert taught us to dance. This was all great fun and a real good night for the whole community. Some of the outfits included the farmer twins Matt and Tallon, the beautiful newlyweds Jared and Jamie and Reanna and Eleni as unicorns with bowties.


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