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Surfing at Cape Conran - with Connor and Jared Print E-mail

Last Friday we spent the morning at the amazing surf at Cape Conran (East Cape). The water was very fresh but the waves were amazing we were both standing up on our boards and even though the sun wasn’t shining we still had a great time. We learnt heaps about how to surf better this session and had lots of fun. Every now and then a bunch of us (2-4) would all hop on the same wave and surf next to each other.

Surfing at Cape Conran

-Connor + Jared from MBSC




Student Leaders Maddi and Lachy Print E-mail

On Sunday the 17th of August, we were student leaders for the second time around, which was an enjoyable experience. Morning class was Intro to ILP review which was where all of us gathered evidence for progression on our ILPs (Individual Learning Plan). It was a class where we all did a lot of hard work. We reassessed our ILP and modified them for the second half of our time here. It was a good class and our interview with our liaison teacher is soon!

Afternoon class was CLP 3 which was another class where a lot of work got done. We split into school teams and all of our CLP’s seem to be coming along nicely. After a great roast dinner, we watched this awesome documentary/recount of about two adventurous Norwegian guys for the night lesson. They travelled to this beach in the Arctic Circle to surf, snowboard and get away from it all. The two men built a cabin with makeshift insulation and an oven all from litter washed up on the beach. It was inspirational and overall a great night class.

Maddi and Lachy

Maddi- Upper Yarra and Lachy-Brentwood SC




Student Leaders Brynn and Shannon Print E-mail

The day we were student leaders we had a very busy day. In the morning we had Barry Heard come in, he was a war veteran and a book writer. He spoke about is experiences in the war and how it changed him, he also talked about his 3 books and why he wrote them. He was very interesting to listen to and we all really appreciated him coming in a talking to us about everything.

For lunch we did something a bit different, because of all the poverty in all the less fortunate countries we had to get into little families, eat on the ground and eat the amount people from those countries ate which was only about 15 grains of each, there was also 4 people that got to get a 3 course meal and got waited on which were the rich people. This really taught us about how lucky we are and how things should change so there aren’t people that are starving or have nowhere to live, or just struggling. Over all the day was really fun and we got a lot out of the day.

From Brynn from Bright P-12 & Shannon from Shepparton




CPR - Fun times with Anne Print E-mail

Over the course of our stay here at Snowy, we have to complete two CPR lessons, a practical CPR exam as well as two First Aid lessons and a written exam. Today, some of us got to have a play around with the Little Annie CPR dolls and got to have a go at the DRSABCD of first aid. We got to test out the practical sides of this procedure with the mannequins and the question side with actual human partners. It was difficult lying on the floor still while someone was asking you a bunch of questions, we all just burst out laughing and it was a great learning environment, can’t wait for us to have another go at “saving” a life.

~Em- Brentwood SC




Reunited at Last! Print E-mail

Today, Wednesday the 13th of August and everyone is finally back from their first expo! 1A went canoeing and had a great time in the freezing cold water of the Yeerung River; 1B had beliefs and values and CPR. We learnt a lot during our classes and had heaps of fun. 2A had peer skills and relaxation which was enjoyed immensely. Evening class tonight consists of intro to food for thought for core 1, passports for 2A and personal prep for 2B.

Canoeing on the Yeerung River

Today is also Nicholas Bickerton’s birthday! He is now 15 years old so we wish him a very happy birthday and good fortune for the year to come! We can’t wait for the choc-ripple cake after dinner!

Tallon from Mt Beauty SC and Jess from Box Hill HS

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