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Another day has passed in beautiful Marlo and all is well. Core 2 has had a terrific time caving today in the Buchan caves. The tour through the Fairy Cave with Mr. MacNamara as our guide was amazing. It was a wonderful sight to behold, the stalactites and stalagmites, sparkling as you walk past. Then there was Wilson’s Cave, which was a more hands on experience, involving crawling through very tight squeezes, not for the claustrophobic!  Today, 1a set off on their great big adventure for the 2 night expo while 1b just hung around the campus doing some of their first aid course. It was a great day all round.

From the wonderful student leaders of yesterday.

Clyde- Bright P-12 and Isobel- Mt Beauty SC





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Yesterday I was student leader at the campus by myself because Helena was out on her environmental bike ride.

Luckily for me 2B was the only team here. First we had a passport class. I was going to run a brain storm lesson but Miss Patterson ran two before me and we ran out of time. Next we had Yoga. That class was pretty interesting and refreshing. Around half way though it 1A got back from their expo 2.

Jake from Bright P-12

Yesterday I did really do much during the day because I was on environmental bike ride with core 2a but when I got back Jake and I ran evening class. Evening class went really well, it sounded like everyone had fun so I think I did a good job.

Helena from Upper Yarra




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Return from Expo

Yesterday Danigan and I were Student Leaders for the day.

The day started off with Peer skills and then Passports with Mr Gladstone. All of 1A were very tired as they had come back from Expo the day earlier but worked productively. Peer skills was an interesting class and 1A learnt some new skills on how we can deal with conflict. We then had passports in the afternoon and evening. This gave the team plenty of time to catch up on work. As for Danigan and I instead of doing passports in the evening we ran Core 2’s class ‘7 Pillars’. It was a fun class to lead and we both learnt some interesting facts from it. We both got to work on our ILP( individual goals). Danigan worked productively and I got to work on my confidence.

Danigan, Brentwood SC and Taylah, Mansfield SC




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Last night 1A had the task of running night class.

After a few meetings they all agreed on having a games night with a colourful theme dress up. The games they had running were, Chinese whispers, wink murder, bust-a-move, charades, celebrity heads and minute to win it mini games.  Everyone all had a really fun night and all of 1A are really happy with how the night turned out. We all really enjoyed bust-a-move and even decided to stay after class to keep playing.  I think that 1a instructed us well and were really controlling in their teaching.  I think that everyone had a really good time and no one had a reason to sit out. The teachers seemed to be happy not teaching us and were happy to just be sitting watching us have lots of good fun.

Tonight 1B are having their go at running evening class can’t wait.

By Mia, Brentwood SC & Michael, Shepparton HS




Noticed this Notice? Print E-mail

If you've noticed this notice you will notice that this notice is clearly worth noticing.

Over the past two days each of the cores had a gender day in which we split off into our respected genders. During these two days we had David Tatnall as our photography teacher who taught us all we needed to know about how to use a light sensitive film camera and take super rad photos. Everyone got a turn at using the school's SLR cameras and trying out the tripods. Some of us even got to see a seal and take photos of it.

We also went off and did surfing!!!!! We had sick waves and great laughs with the gals. We had surf instructors leading the way (Mal and Pete) and even the teachers got involved and wiped out. lel. Overall, gender day was a real success and great fun for everyone involved.


By Caitlin, Bright P-12 and Emmalene, Brentwood SC

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