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1A heading out on Expo 2On Monday the 16th 1A went on their expo two. It was really exciting since we were the first to go on our expo and we all couldn’t wait to get going. We got dropped off half way up Mt Raymond where we were going to walk the rest of the way up. That day I was the team organiser and I was really excited to get going and organise the team for the day. The walk up was really relaxing and most of the hike wasn’t even that steep apart from a couple of hills that were really bad but we all got over them with each other encouraging.

We got to the top of the mountain and the view was so good. We could see where we were heading and all the lakes, rivers and hills that were in the distance. Even though I would have liked to stay up there forever, I knew that we had to get going and get on the lake before the wind got really bad. We started climbing down the mountain and that was really easy because it was downhill and it was really fun with the rest of the team with me. Half way down it started to rain so we quickened our pace to get off the hill as quick as possible. We got to the lake where the canoes were and we had a discussion of what we were going to do because we couldn’t canoe due to the rain and wind. Instead we decided to walk to our campsite going through paddocks. It was a really nice walk and finally the sun came out which made the mood a lot better. Although this path was a little hard and steep at points we were all encouraging to each other and supportive the ones who were struggling. We finally got to our destination at about four o’clock in the afternoon and we were all tired but proud of our efforts.

Second day and I felt pumped to get on the canoes for the first time. The second day I was the navigator and I was really happy to get a job that can help out the team. All morning we were on the canoes paddling down the river. It was really peaceful and relaxing but when it got closer to lunch time the wind started to pick up and it got harder to canoe. We got to see lots of different sights and one of them was an eagle’s nest up in a tree and it was so big I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We neared Marlo and we were all getting tired of paddling against the wind so we stopped at a boat ramp and got our canoes out to stop and have lunch. This is where we decided to walk the rest of the way instead of try and canoe against the wind and getting nowhere. We stayed where we were for a few hours not in any hurry to get to our campsite because it was only about two kilometres away. So after lunch we started walking into Marlo and down to the angling club where we canoed across the Snowy River to our campsite across the river. We had some time to spare so we went to the beach to have a look up on the sand dunes and because we were all tired we had an early night.

Early the next morning we set of on our canoes early so that we could finish and not have to worry about the wind. It was really nice canoeing and seeing the sun come up, it looked really pretty.  We canoed down the Snowy River to the blue hole where we put our canoes up onto the beach and walked along the beach back to school. Along the way we saw 1B who were just starting their expo and were getting the canoes that we had just left. By lunch we had reached the end of our beach path and had lunch on a sand dune looking over the beach. We then headed back to school along the road. I really enjoyed expo two and I had lots of fun doing a mixture of canoeing and walking. It was a great experience and a great way to start the week.   

By Madi, Camperdown  


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