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Written by Mitch and Courtney, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

Hi, I’m Mitch and I’m from Maffra Secondary College in Gippsland, my home town is Dargo about a 1 hour drive from Maffra, North in the hills. I was a student leader yesterday, part of being a student leader is writing a blog the next day so that you people that want to know about Snowy River can read and get a basic idea of our day to day life.

Every Saturday we have a free day, a free day is where you get to either relax and do nothing or organize a trip, today the trips on offer were going to the beach in the morning or going fishing in the arvo, I went fishing. In the morning we hung about for a bit until after morning tea, after morning tea we went and continued building our mountain bike track. That was time well spent for the crew that were left here.

After lunch we got our rods ready, got in the buses and went to a place in Marlo called French’s Narrows in on the Melbourne side of the estuary in Marlo. Unfortunately we did have much luck but we have a good time and all enjoyed getting out. Most of the people that went used the schools rods but there were a couple including myself that brought our own rods and tackle so we got to do some spinning. Still had no luck, the only thing we caught out of the whole time was some weed that got caught on a hook. It was pretty depressing but no denying that we will but at it again sometime in the near future and we will have more luck. Even Mr O’Hagan didn’t have any luck. Maybe we went at the wrong time or maybe there’s no fish.

Tonight we have a Community Movie night where we all choose a movie and are able to watch it as our night class it should be good, the choices are Happy Feet, The Incredibles and another movie that I’ve never even heard of. I myself will be going with ‘Happy Feet’ but we will see how it goes.

By Mitch, Maffra SC


My name is Courtney and I am from Echuca College, Yesterday I was student leader with Mitch. Our goals that we set went really well and I think we both learnt a lot of new skills of actually being a leader in the community.

Today was our second rest day (but it didn’t involve much resting) so a couple of people put up some ideas in what exactly people wanted to do. In the morning I went to the beach with the lucky other 21 people. We set up a pretty snazzy looking volleyball net and played an enthusiastic game of volleyball. We also had an awesome time swimming in the surf in our very attractive wetsuits. While others floated over mini tsunamis, some chose to try and give body surfing a go!

When we got back in was a real fight for the three showers in the girl’s wing, but in the end most of us all ended up getting the salt water out of our hair. Later on a group of people went to build a bike track in the amazing, dangerous, fearful, traumatic…. Bush. It was actually very fun and we ended up getting a lot done. We had a great, efficient team to work with. But, if someone happens to injure themselves walking on the track, don’t look at us.

At afternoon tea everyone was very excited about Eric’s Birthday! But I think we were more excited about the amazing ice cream cake… We sang a happy birthday and I think Eric had a fantastic day here.

Overall, today was pretty great (as all rest days are) but I’m pretty excited to get back into work tomorrow and getting ready to head out on expo soon!

By Courtney- Echuca College


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