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Yesterday on May 12th  2014 term 2, I was student leader with Jacob. My personal goal was to talk to some more people because I don’t often just walk up to someone and start a conversation and I’m also not that good at keeping a conversation going. I don’t think I went too good at that because  I don’t just start talking to people. I spend a lot of time thinking about stuff in my head not talking to other people. The community goal was to pay full attention to the student leaders or whoever is talking up the front. I don’t think that went as good as it could have but I think it went better than normal anyway.

In the morning yesterday we did Peer Skills 3 and then Intro to Bikes in the afternoon. Peer skills was good, we talk about conflict and how to deal with it and the intro to bikes we learnt how to use the gears on the bikes and all that type of stuff.   

- Tom (12/05/2014)




Surfing Report by Allira and Noel Print E-mail

Surf Report - Allira and NoelToday 2A and 2B went for their first surfing lesson. The water was extremely cold but everyone seemed to cope in their wetsuits. The current was strong and the tide was high but the day was enjoyed by all. It was really fun learning the proper way to paddle and stand up on a surf board. A few challenges were faced in the learning process but everyone improved over the session and most people stood up.

Allira and Noel (10/05/2014)




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Heading out on our First Expo - JacobOn Thursday the 7th of May our group went on our first expo. The first day we walked 7 km along the beach which was really tiring but we eventually made it to our campsite. In the afternoon we played a game of fox holes down the beach we then watched the sunset on the lake. At night you could hear the waves while in our tent.

The next morning we woke up and packed up our tent and started our 8 km journey home. It was easier than the day before because it was all along a dirt road. We stopped again and played a game of food and water. We then came to the end of our trip. We had wraps for lunch while waiting for the buses. All up it was a really fun experience and I am looking forward to our next expo.

Jacob S (07/05/2014)




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On Saturday the 3rd of May it was our first Rest Day. Earlier in the morning some students went to the beach and climbed rocks and ran down sand dunes. We heard that it was fun, even though it was raining.

First Rest Day

Later in the day, some people went fishing on the pier in Marlo; they didn’t catch any fish, but they said it was cold and wet and fun.

Many people that stayed at the Snowy River Campus because it was pouring rain and we listened to music, listened to people play music on their guitars, and watched Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy (Spoiler Alert: 42). It was a good movie with some action and a lot of philosophical debates.

Also we have a student in the hospital with pneumonia; everything is fine and she will be back on campus soon. A few of the students from our campus went to visit her at the hospital. We’re pretty sure she will recover because of the awesome brownies that Indigo, Mary-Anne and Imogen made for her.

We had a great day except for the rain, but everyone still enjoyed themselves. Just another 8 weeks to go!

Joshua and Sarah




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So far the community has had many successes over the past week. The whole community has been co-operating and communicating well in all activities. We have bonded well as a group and many great friendships have already been formed. We have participated in activities such as: Community Agreement; community walks and varies types of games in the common room. We have learnt how to work as a team and include everyone around us.

By Ryan and Brandyn

Community Success

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