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Yesterday we had a great day as Student Leaders as it ran smoothly and we were early for every class. Everyone looked like they enjoyed the enthusiasm that we showed in all our Headcounts and classes. We mixed things up a bit by doing Drop Everything and Reflect Read (DEARR) outside on the nice green grass. At dinner we gave everybody a card and they had to find their pair so they could sit with someone new. We also trying mixing up Headcounts by making it a rap song but that didn’t really work out. Our community goal was to clean up after ourselves and not leave things lying around. We did well because there weren’t cups left around outside and the south courtyard was left clean. Our personal goal was to stay focused throughout the Indigenous walk and get down lots of notes. I achieved this because I learnt a lot about the women and men’s business and how they survived in nature. We both got down heaps of notes which helped us with our passports.

Brandi and Noel (27/05/2014)




Being Student Leader - Second time around by Bo Print E-mail
Being Student Leader - Second Time around by Bo

Being Student Leader for the second time was a lot more comfortable than the first time and I think that it is strongly improving my self-confidence when talking to a crowd. Yesterday I was Student Leader with Ally and I feel like we achieved everything we planned to do. My goal was to be organised as Student Leader and make sure everyone was on time, which went well because we only had 2 people late for classes. The community goal was to organise a game of hide and seek gang-up tiggy before DEARR. The time management yesterday went perfectly. I really enjoyed being student yesterday and I’m looking forward to it again in a few weeks.

Bo (26/05/2014)




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Yesterday I was Student Leader with Bo. It was my first time being student leader and so in the morning I was a bit nervous. But throughout the day I just relaxed and knew that everyone else had to be a Student Leader at some point, so I didn’t need to worry.

In the morning, Core 1 started off in our school groups working on our CLP –Community Learning Projects. I currently go to Eltham High School, and our CLP is called H.E.A.T, or Healthy Environmental Active Teams. We are going to a local Primary School to teach them about all these attributes, and how they can improve health in their bodies, minds, and in the environment around us. This went really well, and now we have a pretty good idea of what’s going on and how we’ll run it. After that, we had Passport, and started off learning about NAIDOC week and different Aboriginal cultures around Victoria. Most of us went onto Criteria Three (Indigenous) and worked on getting it done, as Criteria Three is one of the hardest.

Overall, my first time as Student Leader was really positive and successful, and I am looking forward to the next time I get to do it.




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Today was LLP Day; we ran 12 workshops for grade five students from Orbost Primary School. We had buddies; 2 SRC students to 1 grade five student. There were four different groups; Emus, Kangaroos, Platypuses & Koalas. Each group went to three workshops throughout the day. Each workshop went for 20 minutes. We had a BBQ lunch; which everyone enjoyed. Some of the workshops include; First Aid, Intro to Bikes, Mini Expo Skills & Marine Life. At the end of the day we played some team work games. Some of the games we played were tunnel ball, octopus and a hoop race. We finished off with certificates for the grade fives students and goodbyes. All the kids at SRC had a great time and we hope the students from Orbost Primary did too.

James D and Sarah F

LLP Day - James and Sarah




Bike Riding - A Report by Allira and Brandyn Print E-mail

Recently the both of us have done a half-day bike ride into Marlo. It was really cool seeing some seals near the peer. Brandyn achieved his goal by supporting his peers in the ‘back group’ and encouraging them to keep persisting. The bike ride was very enjoyable but it was cold in the rain. We both had a fall due to the rain but we both lived! It was a very enjoyable experience and we all had a blast. There was good cooperation within the team and we encouraged one another when it was needed. We also both noticed some leaders within the group that motivated the team to continue on while still having fun.

Allira A and Brandyn B (23/5/14)

Bike Riding with Allira and Brandyn
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