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It came 6:20am on my alarm when I hit the snooze button. I worked my way out from underneath my sheets to find my knitting needles and wool with half a scarf attached to it. I decided to wait till I heard more movement for breakfast. So I did 7 rows of knitting when I heard the first door open, so off I went to the common room. There I saw Mr Morton and his all mighty workout world crew laying in the middle of the common room doing some sort of exercise, I chuckled to myself watching them in pain while I ate my peanut butter toast and drank my apple juice.

Headcount came around quickly and it was time to get ready for my adventurous day ahead. I decided to have a warm soapy shower before I began my day. So off I went with my smiley Sarina to the bathroom. We had lost track of time pretty quickly and we could hear Mr. Smart’s voice coming down the hall way so we raced out of the shower and quickly got out of the bathroom, of course in that short time we had dried ourselves and put clothing on.

It came 8:50am when I heard Sarah’s voice yelling out HEADCOUNT! I looked at the time and I thought hmm, headcount isn’t for another 5 minutes, so I took my time to get out there and before I knew it, it was   9:00am and I ran down the hallway to see Mr Boonstra in his best outfit I was assuming and him telling me that I was late so I ran out there to see everyone looking at me. It was very intimidating I must say, so I apologized and sat down.

Before I knew it I was in the bus on the way to Lakes Entrance to have a swim in their indoor swimming pool. I was excited! It was a long frustrating drive there since Mr Morton did not like any of the music we chose for the trip there.  When we reached the swimming pool we quickly ate our delicious morning tea and headed for the pool. I jumped in straight away and did a few laps. Before I lost my breath and couldn’t swim anymore I decided to get in the kiddy pool and lay in there for a bit, it was a lot warmer than the deep pool, so when I got back in the deep pool it felt cold. I swam around and played a few games with Gorgeous Grace and Stunning Sarina. When we left the pool I was quite worn out from swimming and decided to have a nap. I realized when I had awoken back at the campus that I had fallen asleep on Ema.

As soon as I walked through the door of SRC it was headcount and I had to be ready to leave again! So I quickly got changed and raced out to headcount. We left as soon as possible and headed for Newmerella Primary School. They had invited us to visit them because they thought we did an outstanding job of our LLP’s which made everyone feel great. Rest Day Visit to Newmerella Primary School

When we arrived there they were all standing out the gate waiting for us. They showed us to their classroom and sat us all down. Some of the students showed us a few presentations they had done. They were based on different diseases and some of them were quite disgusting! It became recess time for the Primary School Students and we were offered these yummy treats they had made for us, there were Tim Tams, Doritos and fruit! It was great to taste chocolate for the first time in SO LONG! After that we ran outside and played basketball with them all. It was a lot of fun mingling with the students. When we went back into the classroom they showed us a few more of their presentations and then got us all out to verse them in a game of soccer! There were 12 of us and 25 of them! “GAME ON!” We said! It was so much fun playing against them and in the end not either team had scored. So we had to say our goodbyes and leave them for the last time.

Today was an all round fun day. I give it 10 out of 10. ☺

Ebonie - Rosebud



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