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Quote of the day:

"The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now.'" ~Vin Deasil (Fast and Furious)

Alex's Barrel of Fun

Morning/Afternoon class:

Today Core 1 had raft building all day. I found that this class was really interesting and fun to do. What we had to do for the task was, in our expo teams build a raft that would float your whole team and be able to travel around two buoys and back to land. The first thing that we had to do before we could get to the fun was unpack the trailer that has everything that we would need for the day in it. After we did that it was off to learn some new knots and how to attach the barrels to the raft. We spent the first couple of hours building the raft and our raft was looking pretty good. We then had lunch and after, the real test was will it float or sink. The other team went first, they got ready to go and then they were off, they started strong but that did not last they got about two meters out and the barrels came off and they started to sink. So it was now our turn to find out if we would sink or float, we got ready and then we were off. We start great and in no time were at the first buoy we had not sunk yet so it was going ok, in about ten minutes we manage to finish the course and our team won.  

Evening class:

Today's evening class was a trivia night, the night overall was great everyone had great fun and everyone tried to get the right answer to the question but there could have only been one winner and that team was....... Waynes' Worlds Party Penguins and that team was my team so I was pretty happy about that win.

Alex, Snowy River Campus Student




Shae's Day Print E-mail

Quote of the day:

"When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘Happy’ they told me I didn’t understand the assignment, I told them they didn’t understand life." ~ John Lennon


Today was a great day, my group 1b had first aid. I love first aid because it teaches you so many things that you will always need in life. I Learnt a lot in this class and I’m going to remember it for life. We went through a lot of things for example:

  • Burns (How to treat a burn, what not to do when treating a burn so don’t put ice on the burn because It will put the victim into shock.)
  • How to put on bandages (Arm sling)
  • Bleeding (how to treat all different kinds of bleeding)

At Idearr tonight we sat our first aid exam, I hope I did really good. It felt like I did good because I concentrated in the class and I went over things before the exam.

Pm Class: CLP 5 (community learning project)

This class was really good because my group worked really well together. We finished a lot of things that we would never thought we would have finished. My CLP group (school group) is doing the topic on homelessness so it’s really good to see we all have a passion in this topic and were all working as a team and getting it done with no conflict.

By Shae- Elisabeth Murdoch College




Sharni's Great Rest Day Print E-mail

Sharni's Great Rest Day

This morning as everyone was falling behind in their passports and some are due today I thought as student leader our community goal should be that everyone uses their time wisely to complete their passports. We allocated from 9:15 until just before 12pm for people to come in the common room and work on their passports. It was great to see so many people working hard to complete their passports. Today we had a rest day and I organized to do the Marlo Challenge since every other term has been longer than ours and they had time to do the challenge on a specific date. But as ours is shorter I thought it would be good to get the whole community involved on our rest day. As it was a hot day today we decided to modify the Marlo Challenge and only do it for 1 hour and then go for a swim which was a great idea. The Marlo Challenge is where we all go into Marlo and have to find specific things that have been photographed and shown to us. We aren’t allowed to bring the pictures with us so we have to have a pretty good memory to remember what angle the picture was taken on. To get points the photo has to be taken on almost the exact same angle as the photos that they showed us. Some examples of what we had to find were street signs, house numbers, features outside of a house, and things down specific streets, things on the playground and hotel signs. It was heaps of fun and great to see the whole community getting involved in a rest day activity. Everyone was in a team and no one was left out. Tomorrow is the day where we get to find out who won the Marlo Challenge, so let’s just hope for the best. I thought that the team I was in had a really great time walking around Marlo trying to find specific things.

Marlo Challenge Winners

One thing that made my day even better was when Miss Fuhrmann brought her dog down. His name is Henry and he is a golden retriever and he is so cute. I do have two dogs at home that I do miss so much so it was so cool to see Henry today. He was so happy and fluffy.

After Marlo Challenge we went down to Marlo Estuary where everyone had the chance to get into the water and have a swim. It was the perfect day for a good cool off in the water. Everyone was swimming against the current and the ones who didn’t well let’s just say they went drifting. What makes me happy about today is that I have now completed one of my goals which was to organize a rest day. But what makes me happier is that everyone enjoyed their time swimming and at the Marlo Challenged that I helped organize. Overall I think today was a success everyone got involved, gave it their best shot and had fun!

Last night’s evening class 1A and 1B watched the movie Mabo. Eddy Mabo was the main character and he was fighting for Indigenous rights. He tried so hard and his work paid off. He took the government to court and they gave in. It was really bad to see how our world treated/treats aboriginals for instance. Why do they need to be separated from the whites, it just was not fair.

By Sharni - Bellarine




Riley's Day Print E-mail

SRC has been really fun. I have done heaps of activities and made plenty of new friends. Now it is starting to get a bit busier and there is a lot of work that I need to finish before the end. I am keeping up with it all but I’m a bit nervous that I won’t get it done.  Other than that it is great.

For our evening class today we had trivia night. We broke up into teams and had to answer a range of different questions in different categories. It was really fun.

Today I was student leader. My personal goal for the day was managing personal learning. I thought I completed that because I was on time to class and came prepared. Our community goal was to get the head count under 12 seconds, seeing that we only had three quarters of the group. Our strategies were to make everyone focus and to try different ways throughout the day. We completed that because before Spirit Spot we got just under 12.

Another goal that I could work on would be the individual learner, so working on studying harder, paying more attention and becoming more independent with my work.

By Riley- Rosebud SC




Jade's Blog Print E-mail

Today we had CLP class where we worked on our presentations. We had to finish the final good copy of our master plan. Then in the afternoon we had our CPR exam, which was ok but I could have done better. In our evening class we had POL so we worked on that. I was student leader and my personal goal was team work and my strategies were; be positive and respond with the appropriate emotions at the right time. I achieved my goal today by being positive and controlling my emotions and using them at appropriate times. When I went on the full day bike ride I achieved my goal. I think it definitely helped me push and encourage myself as well as others. Our community goal was to get headcount under 12 seconds so we all lined in order of our numbers and we got 11 seconds beating our time.

By Jade- Rosebud

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