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Today I got up really early at six but I didn’t actually get out of bed until about 6:30 and I had my breakfast which was great because I was really hungry that morning. Today was also the day where I was student leader for the first time and it was really good. The first thing that we did was we had a video call video call with the student leaders in Gnurad-Gundidj campus and the Dinner Plain/Alpine Campus which was really fun and it was interesting to talk to people who were multiple hours away from where we are and I think it was a great experience for me. After I had done that we went out and did our 9:00 presentation in front of everyone. I thought I did I really good job my personal goal was listening, viewing and responding and I think that I have done really well as when others have been talking I focused on them and I did not start not start conversations or fiddle with anything. We also discussed the duties for today for today such as chooks, bathroom and laundry and breakfast setup and pack up. I found being student leader was an amazing experience to really challenge myself and be able to express that in front of everyone else.

A.M Class:
Our A.M. class today was peer skills 1 in which we spoke about body language and how well humans can read it. We also did an activity where we split up in two separate groups and taking it in turns, we were given different emotions and we h and we had to act it out for the other team and then they had to guess it. I thought that this task was really fun. After that we watched a video which showed a social experiment were people had to write a letter to someone that they are they are grateful to. Little did they know that after they had written the letter they had to call that very person and read the letter to them. The point of this of this experiment was to show that being grateful is one of the best ways to be happy and their happiness went up anywhere from 4-19% which is amazing. This goes to show that doing something as simple as being grateful can really brighten your day. After we watched the video we then had to write a similar letter to someone we were grateful for.

P.M Class:
For our P.M. class we had the half day bike ride and we rode all the way to the pier that is located in Marlo and we then rode all the way back. It was really exhausting but it was great to have a nice and relaxing ride. Unlike some of the other groups, luckily no one stacked and no one got left behind. The best part was going down the hills on the bikes because you could draft behind someone and in turn go extremely quick.

Jack - Getting in Touch with Emotions and Nature

Teamwork Tuesday:
I think we should definitely keep encouraging everyone to have a fair go at something even if they’re not so skilled at that because it really helps to keep our team’s vibe going. I think we should stop pushing people to far because I realize that some people aren’t as capable as others so instead of yelling at someone try to be more supportive and help them. We should definitely start being more organized because multiple people are missing items such as bags and Gortex Jackets so we could definitely start being more organised.

Jack, Carrum Downs SC




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“the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world”

Today I started my day with a student leader meeting where I had to link-up with the other SSL schools. I introduced myself, said a few fun facts about myself and told them what my personal goal was. My personal goals were presenting and strategies to achieve that are making eye contact when talking to the group, use good body language and project my voice when I’m speaking. After the meeting with the other schools, Anais and myself had to get up in front of everyone and tell them what my goal and fun facts were, what the weather was like, who was on duty and who the local heroes were etc.

Morning class:
this morning we had intro to LLP (local learning project) this is where year 6 students from a schools nearby come over and spend the day with us. We each got into groups and choose what we were going to do with the younger kids in our 30 minutes we had to teach them. Rohan, Jacqui, Jordan and myself decided to take them on a mini expo with team building and life skills games as well. After morning tea, we dedicated each person a role to achieve by next lesson so we are on track and get what we want done in the short amount of time we have until they come and visit.

Afternoon class:
this was one of the most enjoyable and exciting things we did, my expo group went surfing at Cape Conran beach. We went and put on a wetsuit and luckily the trailer was already loaded with our surf boards. We met our 2 instructors at the beach where they taught us 2 methods on how to stand up and then we were off onto the water. I stood up a fair few times and accidently crashed into 2 people. Mel and myself were catching the waves together, wed always have a laugh when either her or I would accidently face plant off our boards. The waves were really nice and perfect for surfing. I’m really looking forward to our other surfing lesson straight away in the morning!

Olivia's Day of Fun - Afternoon Class

Thankful Thursday
3 good things that have happened

  1. Standing up on my surf board.
  2. Receiving letters from family/friends.
  3. We team came up with a really good idea to present to the year 6’s when they come.
3 things I’m thankful for:
  1. The instructors for taking us for surfing today.
  2. For all the feedback I get given at SSL.
  3. Everyone in the community who is encouraging and supportive.



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So today was my first time that I was Student Leader, and I think that so far I have done alright. We had the morning meeting this morning which was odd, because we don’t have contact to anyone and now we are chatting to all the Leadership schools from around Victoria. But enough about that- today’s classes were peer skills 1 and then a half day bike ride which involved us riding down to Marlo and then back.

Peer skills; we talked about the way you can see someone’s emotion by their body language and not always by the way they are acting. My class looked at the iceberg theory which means you might see the way that someone is behaving but not their thoughts, or their attitude behind it, and the feeling that has caused it. You only see the top of it and you have no idea about the rest. After watching a clip about being grateful we had to write a letter to someone that we are extremely grateful for and we have a lot of gratitude to them. I wrote to my older sister telling her all the reasons that make me smile and be so grateful that I have her as a sister and for her to look after me. We also did this window thing which told us what we know about ourselves and others don’t know, what everybody knows, what nobody has any idea about and finally what other people notice but you don’t. So in my school group I got a lot of people noticing that I am kind and cheerful, independent and wise. I wouldn’t have picked myself as some of the things I was given but it was rewarding to see what other people had chosen for me that I didn’t notice about myself.

Keeley's Support Crew

Bike ride; after lunch we got our bikes to match us, and got all the gear we would need on and then after splitting into two groups we set off to Marlo. I wasn’t very confident from the start because I had seen these people riding before and I knew that there was no way I could match their paces. From the start we were told that we would only go as fast as our slowest person. I felt really embarrassed when I had to ask people to slow down because I couldn’t keep up. It was like I was letting down the group by making them go at my pace and not at theirs. It also took a while for me to get used to the gears because the bike I have at home isn’t a bike with gears, but after I had found the one that was the right one for me I was better with sticking with the group. Towards the end of our trip, I was enjoying myself even though I knew how much this was out of my comfort zone. At times I felt really uncomfortable with the way I was going and 3 times I just had to stop. The first time wasn’t my fault- my pants were falling down. But the other two times were going up hills and my legs just felt like jelly and I could barely peddle. From about the half way mark to Marlo, my team had started being really supportive and it was what I needed. A few of them would stick with me so they could make sure I was alright and I could keep going. Throughout the whole time I had encouragement from them and it was just really amazing. They knew I was struggling and they didn’t complain, they made sure I could do it. When we got to hills, the whole time I was hearing “You can do this” and “push though, you’re almost there.” It wasn’t much, but it was enough. When you’re the person struggling in the group you don’t feel good at all but when you know that there are the people in your team to help you- it’s what makes you push through.

Teamwork Tuesday - what have I contributed to the community this week.
In the past week, I have been on Expo so through that I was contributing to the friendliness and the support for everyone even when I was struggling. I have tried to be very open minded and today I am student leader so I am contributing to the community by helping help when needed and just trying to make the campus more aware of what they are doing and how that needs to stop.

Traffic Light Model.
What needs to stop in my team is the talking over each other, what need to start is being able to focus for a whole class and what need to continue is the support and encouragement that we have been giving each other.

Keely- Mortlake SC




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The Quote of the Day

"It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all - in which case you fail by default."

AM Class:

Today for my AM class we had Thinking and Learning 2. We then split up in our school groups to find out our HBDI profile (which stands for Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) for the group. It turns out that our group is dominant in the ‘feelings’ quadrant for some reason and weakest was ‘safekeeping’ which I'm not sure if that is good or not. So once we did that in our table groups we had to figure out a puzzle sheet and write the answers in our books and after that when we were done we shared them with the group. It was out of 21 and I think the table got 19 or somewhere around there which was pretty good. I think we got the best in the whole class and we finished early so the teacher gave us another one and we almost finished it but the class finished before we did but it was all good.

PM Class:

For our PM class we had beliefs and values which was an interesting class. We first started the class with a video to show us what beliefs and values were for the ones that didn't know. It was good, there were some funny photos. After that the teacher got us to put on some special sun glasses and the point of that was to show and tell us that everyone in the world has their own say and sees the world differently to everyone else which I think that was good point maker. We then watched another video about Steve Jobs life and what he had to go through to get to where he is now and it was good for all of us. When that finished we had to do a survey of 120 questions on our computers. This told us a bit about who we are as a person and told us a bit about ourselves we might not have known and that was my day summed up.  

By Jordan- Mortlake P-12




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Day 16 - Evelyn's Journal Entry - Monday 15th February 2015

Quote of the Day

"It’s impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all- in which case you fail by default."
~ J.K Rowling

Motivation Monday

ABILITY ​​​- is what you capable of doing
MOTIVATION- determines what you do
ATTITDUE- ​​determines how well you do it

Everything I do at this school I want to remember when I leave. I want to make decisions that my future self will thank me for. I have been staying positive all week and I will continue to do so throughout this week. My proudest moment would be that my design was voted for the front cover of the t-shirt. This made me feel really good. I was glad that almost everyone liked it and voted for it. It felt amazing. I think what made me feel better is that I put so much effort into it as well and did my very best to make sure that each icon represented someone, someway.

This week has a good start because I am motivated to finish expo and come back delighted ​and pleased to of gone way out of my comfort zone. I’ll be full of pride to tell my mum that we completed one expo.

Evelyn's Blog - Motivation Monday

Today’s Classes Am/Pm

​Today we did the same thing for both classes because we need to be ready to leave at 9 am tomorrow for expo. This day was to prep us for expo. We went through everything we needed and everything we didn't need. I got rid of a lot of things which made my pack much lighter. I was kind of worried that it would be too heavy. I'm not stressing as much now because I know it’s something I can overcome easily. No pain, No gain. I have never been camping in Australia in the bush, only glamping. This is going to be a Marvelous experience. Hopefully I will see lots of animals.  We set ourselves some goals. My goals are to work on my community engagement. We also set a group goal to become a better team using G.I.R.L.S.

G-getting to know each other
I- independence
R- respect
L- leadership
S- socializing

Today we also started to pack food for tomorrow and Wednesday. We went over who was carrying what. I realized that we use so much food just even for a small amount of us. Tomorrow we will just need to get the things from the fridge and our snacks. A positive of this class was mixing up tent partners so that we can mingle! A minus of the class is that I didn't get the main roles I wanted for expo but oh well. I will try to be one of them next time. An interesting thing about the class was the order we pack our gear in the bag. ​​​​​

By Evelyn - Bellarine SC

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