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Quote of the Day:

"We cannot truly face life until we face the fact that it will be taken away from us." ~ Billy Graham

Terri Learns More About Leadership

Morning Class:

Leadership Day: In leadership day we learnt a lot of new things, we learnt about different types of Leaders. We learnt about what make up a team and make leadership balls. We learnt about the three different theories of the needs of a group and Role Models. Before the first class I didn't know that there were three different types of leaders- Autocratic, Democratic and relaxed types of Leaders. I didn't realise before the class when we made the leadership balls all the different things that held a team together. I learnt the stages of group development. I learnt that my role models are all different, they may appear the same but are a lot different.

Afternoon Class: Passport: In passport we were finishing off work before our PPI that will be on Friday for core 1. I have finished most of my passport but am still looking for some more evidence.
Evening Class: Snowy's got Talent: This was really interesting, and fun. Everyone has great talents and showed them well. I was surprised by how many acts made up new songs for the night. I really enjoyed it.

Selfie Sunday
I was a student leader today. It was pretty cruisey and I didn't find it that hard. I think I did really well on my personal goal which was presenting, I stood up straight and made eye contact. I feel as if I spoke clearly and I did a good job. ​​​​

By Terri- Hawkesdale P-12 College




Sophie Learns Leadership Print E-mail

Quote of the day:

"We cannot truly face life until we face the fact that it will be taken from us" ~ Billy Brown.

Today everybody had Leadership Day for all of the classes. We rotated through four different activities, each one going for about 25 minutes and they were: role models, styles of leaders, attributes of a leader and understanding the needs of a group. In role models we talked about who our role models are and why. We also talked about the qualities people had that made them our role models. In the styles of leaders class, we discussed three different types of leaders: democratic, autocratic and relaxed. A democratic leader is someone who is fair and runs things by having discussions. Autocratic leaders are people who are dominant leaders, so they take control and are confident and focused on the task. Relaxed leaders are casual and laid back and they don't get stressed or frustrated. In the attributes of a leader class we made Leadership Balls (also known as Rum Balls), where we talked about how different qualities that leaders have, hold the team together, just like different ingredients do when cooking something. Our last class was about understanding the needs of a group. In this class we discussed the needs of an individual, a group and a task.

All these classes were really good and I enjoyed all of them because they were really informative and helpful.

Last night's evening class was Snowy's Got Talent and it was a talent show run by 1B. There were eleven acts and some of the acts were dancing, singing, magic acts and musicians. It was a really fun night and we all got a good laugh out of it.

Sophie Learns Leadership

Today is also Selfie Sunday. I think my biggest challenge this week has been trying to prevent and solve conflicts, as we had a few in our CLP team. We did solve them eventually, but it would have been good to prevent them completely. My biggest success this week is doing well as a student leader yesterday. I think I went alright with it because although I didn't achieve the community goal, I achieved my personal goal of Social Relationships.   

By Sophie- Goroke College




Jake's Week Print E-mail

Quote of the Day:

“We cannot truly face life until we face the fact that it will be taken away from us.”
~ Billy Graham

Morning class:

Leadership Day - we did a rotation around the campus in our expo groups to 4 different activities about leadership. Each activity ran for half an hour so they were mini classes. Our first rotation taught us about the 3 things a leader needs to balance in order to succeed with group activities, they were the needs of the individual, task and team members. We also learnt about the stages of group development. The second rotation got us talking about the good qualities people have that we wish we had ourselves. This got me thinking mainly about various celebrities with good talents. We also learnt that even though there are a few good qualities of a person you want, there will also be ones that you won’t want from that same person. In other word’s nobody’s perfect. The third rotation told us about the different kinds of leaders (autocratic, democratic and relaxed) and what makes you that kind of leader. The final rotation was interesting as it we got to make truffles but it fit in by talking about the different ingredients and how they are similar to working as a team (e.g. condensed milk brings everything together which is something people in a group should be able to do.) We later got to eat the truffles. It was a good class(es) and it taught me quite a lot of things about leadership.

Afternoon class:

Passports - we got some spare time to catch up on our passports. The main reason this class happened was to make sure everyone had everything they needed for their personal progress interview with their teacher. I am pretty much prepared for the interview on Wednesday there is just a couple of things I still need to do. Luckily I had this time to catch up on things but unfortunately I didn’t need it as much as everyone else did because I’m very organized. This class proved that the HDBI brain quadrants are accurate as I was in the organizational quadrant.

Jake's Week

Last night’s class:

Student led Activity 1B - we had another student led class and it was 1B’s turn. They chose to do a talent show. There were no winners as it was just for fun. I saw some very interesting acts with some pretty talented singers, dancers etc. including one where everyone had to get involved and do the Macarena and the chicken dance. It was a very entertaining night and they did a great job setting up the night.

Selfie Sunday:

This week I was a student leader I thought it went pretty well as I was confident and people listened to me when I spoke. The emotions I felt this week were happy, nervous, confident, excited, relaxed and energized. This week I have been very organized and thought for myself in many different situations. I didn’t really have any challenges this week but my greatest success would have to be standing up on the surfboard.

By Jake, Carrum Downs SC




Isaac's Blog Print E-mail

Quote of the Day:

“We cannot truly face our life until we face the fact that will be taken away from us”
~ Billy Graham

Isaac's Blog

Evening Class:

Last night we attended Snowy Got Talent hosted by 1B. They made a list of all the people that wanted to perform and they all did great. The stand outs of the night were Riley & Finnlay, Jackson & Bonnie and also Alex that performed a really good magic trick that got everyone involved. I loved how some people that never really sing, gave it a shot because of peer pressure. I thought that I gained some respect for those people that went up because they had the confidence and braveness to get up there and do their thing. Jack performed the Mario theme song with his flute and that was really cool. The judges had terrible feedback but none of them were criticizing the contestants. Hayley had the most confidence because she was pretty much forced to go up there with peer pressure. Overall everyone had a great night and hopefully we can share these memories when we meet up again.

AM Class:

Today we had Leadership day, this is when we hop in our expo teams and go through some activities that make us better leaders. First off we had Ms Patterson and she taught us of The Circles of Needs, this is where there are 3 rings that all join and we put one topic in each circle. These topics are Group Needs, Task Needs and Individual Needs. We also learnt about the Maslow’s Heirachary of Needs and that was a pyramid of all the things we need to be a leader. We than moved on to Ms Fuhrmann and she taught us about Role Models and what are they, also what attributes they have. We came up with a list of attributes that represented the alphabet because of the first letter. Ms Fuhrmann then handed out a sheet stating if we had a dinner party which role models would you invite, some of the main people I had on there are Luke Beverage because of his persistence as Bulldogs Coach and how he transformed them to be in the finals after they lost their Captain Higgins to the GWS Giants. Another person on there I had was Adam Gilchrist and I chose him because I am reading his book at the moment and realizing what he went through and how he made that change from NSW to WA and how he got criticised for taking Ian Healy’s role as the Australia One Day wicket keeper. I than went on to Mr Royce’s Class which we learnt about the types of leaders, the types of leaders there are; Autocratic, Democratic and relaxed leaders. We first looked at a puzzle that we had to figure out then he made a solution of the puzzle and explained why it was so much easier. We finally moved out into the common room where we all sat down and referred cooking ingredients to team attributes. We also went on to make rum balls with coconut on the outside and cranberries on the inside.

PM Class:

In our PM class we got the opportunity to finish all of our passports and all the things required for the PPI, the PPI is the interviews we face in front of our liaison teachers and we reflect on our goals. We have to find evidence to know we have achieved our goals.

Selfie Sunday:

Today I learnt that I was more like a democratic leader, I seek opinions so that it can be a group decision. The emotions that I felt this week was excitement and braveness, we had been surfing so I was feeling fresh and cold! Today I felt confident and like a real leader. This week I was student leader and I got the opportunity to talk to our fellow schools like the Noorat/Glenormiston and the Dinner Plain campuses. I had to have fun facts about myself and also present our personal goals.  

By Isaac, Mortlake SC




Georgia Takes the Lead Print E-mail

Quote of the day:

"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."
~ Albus Percival Wulfric Brian  Dumbledore

Morning Class:

Today I was student leader with Grace, it was a bit nerve racking but I got more confident as the day went on. I got to pick the quote - that's why its Harry Potter related! I had CLP master plan this morning and we got a lot done. We had to make a booklet about our CLP topic, about ourselves, about our school and some other stuff. We had to take a group picture and we did like 8 takes and only one of them was good - it was all my fault apparently because I kept having my eyes closed! The sun was in my eyes it wasn't my fault​!

Afternoon Class:

I had LLP and we got into it today, we have finished the plan. We are holding our 'Survival Activity' in the bush so we went down to 'Grandma' (the campfire) and went looking through the bush for flowers we could eat. No luck. So we decided to have a little wonder around the bush and we found some really cute lizards but they were too quick to catch!

18/2/2016 Evening Class:

'Nick, a local musician came down to SRC and brought heaps of musical instruments such as drums, maracas, cymbals and some shaky things that sounded cool. It was really fun we got to whack the drums as hard as we could and we played some little activities that were fun.

Georgia Takes the Lead

Feedback Friday:

Dear Georgia,

Today you were student leader which gives me so much more to talk about. As a student leader you have been doing a very good job. You raise and project your voice very well and have good body language. You and Grace have a good grasp on what what’s going on and haven’t had to ask the teachers for help.

You should continue to do both things I just mentioned. Something you should do more of for the future is make sure that everyone is quiet when you talk. You should keep your hand up until everyone is quiet and if they start talking while you are just stop and wait for them to stop. As a team member I don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing. Maybe talking and sharing your ideas more but you seem to be getting more comfortable with everyone in our group so I don’t think it will be very long before we tell you to shut up. Socially you don’t and never seemed to have any problems with making or keeping friends. You and Seamus seem to be getting along better as well! I think that you need to speak to some of the other guys that you don’t talk to. You seem to talk a little bit to the boys in our expo group and that seems to be about it. I could be wrong but that’s something I would say you need to improve on. With personal learning you seem to be doing fine and as long as you keep trying to achieve your goals. I don't see any problem with what you're doing.

Keep up the good work.

~ Quinn

By Georgia S. from Elisabeth Murdoch College

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