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Reflection on how I’ve changed over the past month.

A lot has changed since I first wrote the letter to myself on the second day! Reading it now I accomplished everything I wanted to, I went out of my way to become good friends with everyone, I tried my best to conquer new challenges and I improved much more than my leadership schools. I think I’ve already become more confident in public speaking because by watching student leader videos from the start up until now I can see that speak more clearly and that by body language is more appropriate while I make a lot more eye contact with the group.

In the last 3 weeks I want to try work on my community engagement, I think that if I participate more in my committees and try to grasp at every opportunity to help the community out it will really benefit myself and my peers that I help out. I want to work on being positive and encouraging throughout the next 3 weeks and not to have any negative thought towards myself, other people or activities. Lastly I want to try and keep my room clean in can tend to get really messy and hard to find things.

Visiting weekend

I was really excited to see my family but mixed emotions came over me when they turned up and I actually realized how much I missed them. It was really good to spend some time with them and catch up on everything they were doing while I was away, I told them about a few things I’ve done and showed them some photos from when I was on expo. We went for a swim at Lakes Entrance where we were staying which was really nice and the weather was perfect for. First I had lunch with mum and my step dad and then we went out for dinner at a pub for dinner with my dad and nan. I got my phone back and I got to talk to a few friends while on break. It was really good to finally relax and not worry about things although I was looking forward to a sleep in but I ended up waking up at 6:00am which is the normal time I wake up and go for a run with Jacqui. My highlights were going for a swim, finally getting to eat peanut butter again and going for a morning walk down the main street in lakes entrance with my family. I think a challenge for me was leaving them again but I’m only gone for 3 more weeks and I was starting to miss all my new friends I’ve made at Snowy River School.

By Olivia- Mortlake




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Quote of the Day:

"If you are going through HELL, keep going." ~Winston Churchill.

Today I got up at 6:25 and got ready to go have a shower, after I had had breakfast I had to do my student leader with Carl. We were organizing our morning meeting even though we couldn’t do it as we had to leave an hour early for caving. We are doing our student leader stuff at our evening class. For caving we drove to the Buchan Caves and organized what we were doing, my 2A group did the wild caves first. So we got back on the bus and drove another 20 minutes and got to this little cave near a road. We got our helmets with head torches on and set off. The entrance to the cave was very small so we had to squeeze in there. Once we got a fair way in we started to have to squeeze through some really small holes. Some people couldn’t fit so we found an easier way for them. My favorite part was the letter box, it was a 30cm wide gap going down and we had to climb through it (post ourselves).  When we got towards the end we had to do a lot of crawling through tight spaces, we had about 80 meters at the end of crawling through mud and water but it was great fun.

After lunch we went into a viewing cave called the Royal cave which I have been in before with my family, that cave is just a walk were we view all the stalactites and stalagmites and all the other interesting things in that cave. It took about 45 minutes to walk through that and get back to the buses. Once we got back to the car park we had to wait for about 1 hour for the other group to come back so we just sat around and talked about lots of stuff.

In last night’s evening class, we did mental wellbeing, we just watched a few video clips and did some activities. It was a pretty fun class. Overall I’m having a great time and can’t wait till our expo on Friday.

By Jack- Mortlake




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Quote of the Day:

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way" ~ John Maxwell

Evening Class:

Last night we watched a movie called 'Mabo'.​ This movie was about an aboriginal man from the Torre straight island called Eddie Mabo. He got in trouble for harassing a woman at the island and got sent to the west where he worked on a rail way. He met a girl and they eventually got married and had 4 kids, they were in love. Mabo was so dedicated to his aboriginal culture. The bad thing about it was that he had to sit separate from the whites and he wasn't allowed in the white man’s bar. Some of the things that the white people did to the aborigines was just terrible. Eventually he realised a case for Torre straight Islander rights and won the case 6-1. The sad thing was that Mabo died of cancer before it was announced and he was urgently sick. I loved how it showed actual recordings of the people and some of the events back in early 1950-1970.

AM Class:

In my AM class today we got told what was the required tasks we had to have done with our passports and also got quite a bit of time to work on them. We just learnt what we had to do for the learning journey. The learning journey is when we talk about what classes or things happen around this campus that makes you better at this skill. I got quite a bit done in this time. I set new goals, made all new tabs for my Passport, and did some of my learning journey. I will have to start taking this a bit more serious now by choosing my time wisely and doing my work in spare time.

PM Class:

In today’s PM class we had CPR Exams. Even though we learnt all the basics a few weeks ago everyone started to forget them and we had a run through of what the exam was and what we needed to do. All we needed to do was demonstrate if someone was unconscious on the ground how would you bring them back to life. We had a word that represented what you had to do, DRSABCD, this stands for look for DANGER, look for a RESPONSE, SEND for help, AIRWAYS, BREATHING, CPR, DEFIBULATOR. When it came to the exam I was all good until I got to the CPR where I held their throat instead of the mouth and the pace of what I was pushing down on the chest was way too slow. So the next time I nailed it and got the perfect time and went a little better on holding the mouth and not the throat.​​​​ Overall I passed and I still have 2 other sessions so I hope there not as hard.


WHAT DID YOU DO>>>Today I had CPR and PP5 Refocus, My goal was to finish all the tabs on weebly and finish my new goal.
WHAT DID I LEARN>>> I learnt today about what to do if a person is choking and also what happens when an asthmatic has an attack and how does it happen. 
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN>>>​ I felt relaxed and tired throughout the day and I wished I got a bit more sleep, I needed to focus a little more and focus on the task and wait till after to have a rest.
NOW WHAT>>>​ I can apply this learning in the future by if someone is unconscious I can save them. I can apply these skills when I am older and I have a job and how I can use these strengths I learnt in Passport towards my job.
Today I was student leader with Hayley Rogers, My goal was to build on social relationships and the way I was going to do this was to hand around with new people and know a new fact about someone, The new and interesting fact I learnt about someone was Carl who was born on a veranda. 

By Isaac - Mortlake




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Quote of the Day:

"If you are going through hell, keep going" by Winston Churchill.

Today I was student leader. It was a silly day to be doing it because we had to leave at 15 past eight for caving.

It was good to see different country and to go in to caves. Even though I had already been in a cave it was good to see a different cave and the beauty it had inside. We went to the show cave first which had pretty things in it such as a water fall. Even though it had no water flowing it still looked cool because it had made a formation as if there was water flowing. Further along in the caves there were two huge holes that you couldn’t see the bottom of without a torch. It was crazy to think that that hole would have been filled with water.

The next cave was called the “Wilsons cave” it was an exploring cave which was quite exciting. Once we had got our overalls on, and our helmets, we set off. We started walking in a paddock there was an entrance. It was only one-meter-wide so the people with claustrophobia were a bit scared at the start. Once you had gone through the small space you could stand up. The rest of the cave was exciting. A highlight was doing the wombat burrow. It was a small space that we could crawl through if we wanted to. It was fun. I was the first one to go through it. Some people didn’t go through either because they were too scared or they didn’t fit. Another highlight was the post box. It was a small 30cm gap that you posted yourself down head first, it was cool sliding down. There was a groove that had been made from people going down there so often. When we got out we walked up a hill to get to the buses. It was quite steep but fun.

By Carl - Goroke College        




Bonnie's Awesome Day Print E-mail

Quote of the Day

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future" ~ J.R.R Tolken

A.M. Class

This morning 2B had S​​urf 3 our final surf lesson. The waves were a bit rough which made things a lot harder but I still caught a couple of good waves. As well as surfing we also practiced board rescues as part of getting our Level 2 in surfing but even without the grading it is still a great skill to have, especially since I live reasonably close to the beach. It was great to see how everyone has improved throughout our surfing lessons and I hope to see them surfing on rest days in the future.

P.M. Class

This afternoon was our Passport Refocus lesson after our recent PPI's so that we could set our new goals and start work on the rest of our Passport bookwork. Beforehand though we discussed a bit about our PPI's and what we thought went well. For my goals I've been told to push myself outside of my comfort zone, for me this means that I have to start trusting people more openly with my personal feelings nd experiences which ​​​has been frightening to me a lot of my life. It will be interesting for me to see how I fare in this situation but it will give me something to work on.

Evening Class

Last night we watched a documentary called Lionheart about a 17  year old boy called Jesse Martin who at the time was the youngest person to sail around the world solo. His story was the sort of thing that most people can only dream of having in their lives. Jesse wasn't in it for the fame or the sponsorships, he was in it to prove to the rest of the world but more importantly himself that he could do anything and that anybody else could if they put their minds to it. In the documentary Jesse said that this was a test for himself, kind of like a rite of passage to prove to himself that he could be himself and that was perfectly fine and to give himself a sense of self-worth. He also said that if he were to have died it wouldn't have been a tragedy​​​ because a tragedy would be some who was 80 years dying and never having a sense of fulfilment or purpose. But if he were to have died he would have died happy knowing that he had a go. This was a really inspirational documentary that really motivated me to aspire to be something more than someone who just passes the tests that others see fit to set for me.

Motivated Monday

My proudest moment this​​ week was riding the wave all the way in when I was surfing and even turning.
Today is my last day as st​udent leader and I like to think I've made the most of it.

By Bonnie, Snowy River Campus Student

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