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My Time At Snowy

We have been here for 2 weeks and 1 day today. I am already having a time of my life and don’t want to go home. I have made so many new friends; one is already like my sister. Ahliya and I have become really close and to me that is really important when in a small community like this.

Making New Friends

Last week my group and I completed our first expo. It was really hard carrying our packs and walking in the sand on a hot day all at the same time, but we got over it. When we arrived at Dock Inlet where we stayed the night we all got in our bathers and had a swim which was a lot of fun.

Every Saturday we have a rest day where we can do anything we want, so for the last two I have been going to East Cape Conran swimming with a group of friends which has been a lot of fun.

As all of the teachers here are really helpful and are making us become better leaders we set a lot of goals and do a lot of reviews, which are okay but when you aren’t in the mood it sucks.

On Saturday just gone 1A ran the student led activity so we decided to have a speed dating game, so we got everyone to dress crazy or in costumes and that night turned out to be really good and everyone enjoyed it. Then last night (Sunday night) we had a bush dance , everybody got in there flannelette shirts and got there dancing shoes on and danced around changing partners every time, I know that we all had a brilliant time.

During our time here we are required with our school to create a Community Learning Project to put into action while we are here, the group of girls from my school and I have come up with, going to the Geelong Hospital and working with all of the kids in the children’s ward and giving them a good day and having quite a few fund raisers to raise some money to get everything we need.

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1A Goes on Expo

Hey, my name is Jaimee and I come from Bellarine Secondary Collage.
On Wednesday and Thursday I had my first Expo (expedition) and it was so fun, I had an amazing time, we walked along the beach in Cape Conran, to a place called Dock Inlet. It was a gruelling time, we walked altogether near 17 km’s, I had a hard time but it was worth it. I grew closer together with my team, on the way back we walked along a path through the bush, it wasn’t as hard as the beach. On the beach near the end the wind picked up and the sand was giving us acupuncture. All in all it was an amazing experience but I now hurt, it’s all right though, every second was amazing.

Hi I’m Holly and I go to Kew High School.
Today my group 1A returned from a long walk up to Dock Inlet near Cape Conran. We started off on Wednesday where we walked around 8km through both bush and on the shore of the beautiful beach. It began to get very difficult with our really heavy packs, blisters forming and feet sinking into the sand. Our team was becoming very tired but we all encouraged each other and got to our campsite all in one piece! After we set up our tents and discovered our bush dunny, we were able to swim in the Inlet. It was heaps of fun and great to cool off after the long walk throughout the day. We were then able to cook up some yummy dinner, practising our trangia skills. We took the track on the way back which was a lot easier even though it was still sand. Along the way I was able to form better friendships with everybody in my group. When we spotted the bridge all of our faces lightened up and we came together as a group throughout the joyous moment of accomplishment! Everybody proved their mental strength as they pushed through all the way to the end! Well done WON AYE!

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