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Written by Bec & Kim, Snowy Students Term 1 2009   

All the laughter and all the tears
Can we please stay here a couple more years
Through all the bad and all the good, we got through it like we knew we would
We’ve made so many good friends along the way
Now sadly we have to say goodbye today
We’ll make a promise to be friends forever and forever friends we’ll be
This journey and experience will always be our favourite memory

As we all go in different directions we’ll still sit down and do our dearr reflections
We don’t want to go, as we don’t want our emotion to show
We should all be so proud of each other, we’ve all come so far
We have really raised the expectation level above the bar
My souvenir box I will always raid
I will look back at the memories here that will never fade
For some it’s gonna be harder than for others but to us you guys are like sisters and brothers
We’re spreading our wings and flying away but remember we can always come back and visit another day
We always have a go and always try, the only limit we have is to reach above the sky
We’ll make a promise to be friends forever and forever friends we’ll be
This journey and experience will always be our favourite memory
We’ve counted the numbers 1-45, the coolest 45 that’s ever been alive
We’d like to thank every individual here
To our hearts you’ll always be near
Persistence and leadership we have all shown
We’ll remember these days forever as we leave down the SRC dirt road
Think of all the times we’ve made each other smile
Doesn’t that make our time here worth while
Though at some stage we may have been hot and cold once we got to know each other our true colours started to truly unfold
We never would have got anywhere if in ourselves we didn’t believe, that we could reach our goals and truly achieve
Our advice to you is to make the most of what you got and give everything in life your bestest short
The hardest times were difficult to get through
We never would have done it without the SRC crew
We’ll see each other soon we trust
A massive party and reunion is a must
If there is a problem no matter how big or small
We know we’ll sort it out, the SRC taught us all
Such amazing friends we all have met
You’re the ones we never truly forget
As we leave the SRC, we should have our heads held high
What an amazing experience no one should be afraid to cry
We wouldn’t trade this journey for any amount of money, when we’re all together every day seems sunny
We may be many individuals but together we are one, remember to keep your memories close and to always have fun
People come and go in your life but we’ll always stick together, SRC term one 09 crew will go on forever and ever
We’ve made the most of this journey so we’ll leave with no regret, we’ll sit here together and remember this as our last sunset
The hardest thing we have had to do so far is part but you all have to remember you’re the closest things we hold to our heart
At the start we looked forward to leaving, being able to be free, we have our whole life in front of us now and only we have the key
None of these friendships made here have been pretend
It’s time to say goodbye as this journey comes to an end
While we have been here we’ve faced some of our biggest fears, so let’s stand up, put our hands together and give ourselves three big cheers

Bec and Kim, Term 1 2009


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