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Bridge BuildingOne of the initial team activities undertaken at the SRC is known as “Bridge Building”.

During this activity, the team are challenged to build a stable 'bridge' which will allow the whole group to get out to, and unload, a canoe safely.

Bridge building is often the first point during the term when the students begin to feel comfortable with their new team mates, and as such, an essential bond within the group forms.

Bridge building takes place down on the picturesque Marlo foreshore, and is modelled on the earlier jetties which were build to help load harvested timber on to the Paddle Steamer Curlip.

During this class, students are intended to develop teamwork skills and values throughout the process, in particular:

  • To develop a self awareness for principles of good teamwork.
  • Monitoring individual input to a team environment.
  • To understand more about each other and the immediate environment.
  • To communicate effectively in a novel team situation.
  • To be able to work with others to achieve a successful outcome.
  • To value that others may have different but usable ideas for situations.
  • That leadership can take many forms, all of equal value.

Through reflection on the day, the students set future team and personal goals which will help to direct their performance in upcoming team activities, such as expeditions and CLP project work.

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