Application Process for the School for Student Leadership Programs in 2023 - NOW OPEN Print
Expressions of Interest for 2023 SSL Programs Now OPEN

The School for Student Leadership (SSL), previously known as the Alpine School operates four campuses in Victoria:

  1. Alpine School Campus, Dinner Plain
  2. Snowy River Campus, Marlo
  3. Gnurad-Gundidj Campus, Glenormiston
  4. Don Valley Campus, Don Valley

School for Student Leadership Campuses

Schools need to express interest, will be offered a team place with allocated gender numbers, and will then be able to select the team and develop the CLP in the knowledge they are "in"!


STEP 1 - Complete expression of interest

  1. Download the Expression of Interest Form - 2023 →

  2. See which campus and term your region/school is allocated to

    Cross [Check the regional allocation matrix : and ensure your region is allocated to the term of your choice and to the campus of your choice.
  3. Find the liaison teacher(s) at your school.

    It can be more than one and often is better if this is so. They are going to be the lynch-pin and the key to the team’s success and the individual student’s preparation, separation and reintegration for the program. The role description for the liaison teacher can be found in the Guide to the Liaison Teacher on our website:
    ( ). There should be a time allocation to this role if the school is to have a successful overall experience in this program
  4. Complete an Expression of Interest Form and Send it to the Gnurad Gundidj Campus by the end of Term 2.
    This will apply for all 2023 programs at all campuses.

  5. The Liaison Teacher, Principal and School Council President need to sign the Expression of Interest form. This should be completed by the council meeting in May/June.

STEP 2 - Select Students

  1. You will be advised of your success in gaining a place in 2023 in term 3, 2022
  2. If selected in the expression phase, Schools will then be advised after the selection process on the number of student positions available for each school and the gender makeup required.
  3. In expressing interest for the program, the school accepts responsibility for selecting a team of the students who it deems will benefit most from the experience. On acceptance, this process should begin.
  4. The process of selection of a team and development of a project can happen concurrently, and often this can work very well. Some schools use the process of development of projects to indicate commitment to the team and hence student selection.

STEP 3 - Create Community Learning Project

  1. A Community Learning Project (CLP) has to be identified. See exemplars of project at the end of this document ( You will be asked to detail successful CLPs from past participation. The school will and should approach the SSL campus for advice and support in developing the CLP.
  2. Home schools then need to support the team in developing their project. See exemplars again.
  3. The CLP proposal needs to be submitted with all the other documentation (student confidential/medical information, consent form, ICT user agreement and recording permission form) in week three of the term prior to attending. Students may be asked to participate in an on-line 3600 positive psychology-based ILP self assessment tool.

School for Student Leadership - Application & Selection Process